Labor Day weekend (2007) in NYC – Superlatives

Okay, I’m going to have a LOOOOOONG blog about the circumstances of the last four days… but there’s no time for that now. Right now, I’m going to fulfill a promise and start a “best/worst/most/least/favorite” here, in no particular order and in many cases making it up as I go:

FAVORITE PART OF THE TRIP- Bringing together friends from Florida, New Mexico, North Carolina, New York, and New Jersey. I *LOVE* merging my worlds together, and was delighted to watch it unfold throughout the weekend.

BEST UNEXPECTED SURPRISE- Meeting some AMAZING people, often randomly, and watching them seamlessly become part of the group within minutes.

BIGGEST UNFULFILLED INTENTION- Failing to visit Gray’s Papaya. (sigh)

BEST FULFILLED INTENTION- Meeting an online “chat buddy” and hanging out most of the weekend.

MOST TOURISTY MOMENT- Catching myself walking down the street by Rockefeller Plaza with my head tilted up at the skyscrapers. D’OH!

MOST “NEW YORKER” MOMENT- Sitting on the stoop outside a freakin’ grocery store, sharing an iPod and laughing at nothing whatsoever.

MOST SHOCKING MOMENT- Hearing the explicit details of what the underage guy next to me wanted me to do to him

BEST RECOVERY- Having an actual semi-sober conversation the next day that totally changed my opinion

MOST JAW-DROPPING MOMENT- La Vida Loca. Ay, papi!!

GAYEST MOMENT- “Santa Fe” on the Subway.

BIGGEST CELEBRITY SIGHTING- Anthony Rapp, strolling down the street with his iPod on, looking amazing and indifferent (Sean 1, I’m still not convinced we saw Julia Roberts!)

MOST PAINFUL MOMENT- After 2.5 hours of nearly non-stop thunderous applause at RENT. Adam and Anthony, you two were worth the trip.

MOST OVERDUE REUNION- Marc and Andrea from Jersey City, after three years.

ODDEST DISAPPOINTMENT- Not having a bunch of extra people crash at the hotel on the last night. (It’s less whorish than it sounds! Honest!)

NUMBER OF PHOTOS ON MY CAMERA- 566, somehow whittled down to the best 200.

FAVORITE DAY- Sunday. Watching Thijs win the Wicked Lottery, wandering aimlessly through a street fair getting to know a new friend better, staging impromptu photo shoots in FAO Schwartz and Virgin Megastore, getting only semi-lost in Central Park, bonding over nothing, and navigating the subways. Indian food, OMFG.

LEAST FAVORITE EVENING- Also Sunday. Tired and cranky, and all-too-aware that when I got back to the hotel I had to pack.

WEIRDEST PLACE TO MAKE A NEW FRIEND- Coming out of the bathroom with a guy, defending your innocence to a random woman in the hall who was convinced you were up to no good, then dragging her back upstairs with you and insisting she hang out.

NEW PERSONAL HERO- “The Right Stuff” guy.

MOST MOLESTED IN PUBLIC- The $10 massage from the young Asian guy at a street fair, who was either flirting or REALLY wanted a tip.


MOST BLISSFUL MOMENT- Picnic in Central Park, with Marc, Andrea, and Jennifer. Ducks are awesome, especially when you have to sneak over a fence to get to them.

STRANGEST COINCIDENCE- Whitney and Sal realizing they grew up a few miles apart.

RUNNER-UP COINCIDENCE- Sean #1 and I both being in San Francisco at the same time in a few weeks.

BIGGEST UTTER CERTAINTY- That place is my home, it just doesn’t know it yet. I’ll be back to visit soon and back to live before long.


3 Responses to Labor Day weekend (2007) in NYC – Superlatives

  1. Jennifer says:

    The handbags were adorable and totally worth the price dammit. I stand by them all!

  2. Mark says:

    1. To clarify Friday night Keith and I went shopping in Columbus Circle on our way back to the apartment, then had dinner with Jason Greene at a highly recommended Turkish restaurant called Ali Baba’s on I think east 34th St.

    2. I totally forgot about the “Sante Fe” subway experience, but it was pretty fantastic.

    3. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR MY BIRTHDAY GIFT. This weekend would’ve never happened if you wouldn’ve have given me such a wonderful gift on that dreary rainy day in May.

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