Death and taxes

An old friend from Las Cruces died this week.

“Michael Kingsley, 22, of Las Cruces, died today at Thomason Hospital in El Paso after being caught in the auger of a drilling rig Tuesday afternoon and being airlifted to the hospital in critical condition, the Las Cruces Sun-News is reporting.

The man had been working in an area behind the Checker Auto Parts store on El Paseo Road in Las Cruces where core samples were being collected with a drilling rig, the Sun-News reported earlier.

Police said Kingsley somehow got caught in the auger of the core-sampling rig around 3 p.m. Tuesday, and suffered multiple injuries, the Sun-News said Tuesday.

According to a police report, a co-worker of Kingsley’s tried to call 911 but the call wouldn’t connect, so he called Kingsley’s father who called 911 himself, the Sun-News reported today on its Web site.

The co-worker told police he heard a loud sound at which point he saw Kingsley had become trapped and he immediately shut off the machine, the Sun-News said.”

It’s hard to know how I’m suppposed to feel about this.  I mean, Mikey and I were never really close… We just ran in the same circles.  Some of my best friends in Las Cruces were his best friends.  His family was the “host family” for an exchange student that I dated.  My strongest memories of Mikey were of him tying a cherry stem into a knot in his mouth at an Acting Askew performance, and of Caffeine (my dog) playing with him in the game room… And that last one is only memorable because I have a good photo of it. 

Still, he was a good kid.  Everybody loved him, and I’m sad that he’s gone.  I’m especially sad for my friends that were really close to him, like Laura and Andrew.  I wish I could be there this weekend, but that’s not going to happen.  Not only am I already booked for a Boston flight, but if I were to cancel and go to Las Cruces it would cost well over $1,000 in airfare alone.   SUCKS.

And I’m not the only one who can’t make it… One of the down-sides of being the guy who keeps in touch with people and travels a lot is that you end up being unofficially appointed the “find so-and-so and tell them what happened” guy.  In the last 36 hours I’ve been on the phone with people in Texas, California, and even in GERMANY filling them in.  Sadly, none of them are able to make it to the services tomorrow either.  I feel for them.

There’s apparently a candle-light vigil planned for tonight.  If you’re in Cruces, please send my sympathies to family and friends.

In other news, I’ve got about made up my made that I’m going to be moving back to 626 once Brandon moves out of M Street and my tenant moves out of the loft.  It just makes the most sense, especially with the huge tax incentive. 

And yes, I did just throw that in there so that my “Death and taxes” title would make sense.

RIP, Mikey Kingsley.

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