Good grief!

MySpace has been a BITCH today and not allowed me to get into blogs!  WTF?!

Anyway, it’s been brought to my attention that I failed to post a review for a FANTASTIC play I saw in between my last two blog entries.  I would like to remedy this grievous oversight immediately.

Dog Sees God was outstanding!  Charlotte people, make sure you go and see it sometime over the next two weeks.  It shows the old Peanuts gang ten years later, navigating the tricky waters of high school.  Despite some very funny moments, it’s definitely not a comedy.  There’s sex, alcohol, drugs, violence, even a flash of nudity.  My friend Scott Flanary (note the spelling, please, as he gets very pissy about it) stars as Charlie Brown (or CB, or Charles, or Chuck, or a hundred other things except “Charlie Brown”) and does a phenomenal job.  My new friend Josh, who adamantly refuses to get a MySpace profile, plays a grown up Linus (aka Van).  There were other terrific actors in the cast, but I didn’t get to know them yet.  I’m sure I’ll extend my stalking to them soon.

The show was great!  Some definite unexpected developments in the story, and allow me to send a firm SCREW YOU to the bastards that give the plot twists away in their reviews.   (And again, for the record: get people’s names right in your reviews!)  A bunch of us saw it on opening night, so we went to the reception afterwards.  Free wine and beer, wooo!!  Good times.

Friday night, Jonathan came up from South Carolina and experienced the joy that is Petra’s.  Of course the fucker tricked me – he called when he was almost here, not when he was leaving work in SC, so I thought I had plenty of time… and ended up arriving while I was in the middle of a game of Halo.  Yep, I’m a dork.  Saturday I hung around the house most of the day, then went to Jen’s place in the 626 building for a party.  It was a little nostalgic, being back in my old building, and a few doors down from my old home.  It was a “plus one” party, meaning you’re supposed to bring someone new to the party… Unfortunately, I work pretty hard to integrate my different groups of friends, so it’s sometimes difficult to find new people to introduce to a group!  The good news is that after Alex, Eric, and I arrived at Jen’s, I got ahold of Scott (aka CB) and convinced him to come join.  Shortly after he arrived, he convinced Josh to come.  We had plus-ones all around!  The Gays ended up closing down the party, and regrouping back at my place to continue the shenanigans.  It was a long, long evening.

Today I ended up napping THREE times on the couch with Jager.  I’m gonna miss the lil’ guy when he leaves in less than two weeks.  First Sadie, then Jager… what’s a boy to do?  Tonight, having a bunch of people over for the Grammys, pizza, and drinks.  Emphasis on the drinks.

I’m gonna stop being rude and go attend to my guests!

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