The Big Reveal

So here’s what I’ve NOT been able to freely talk about in my blog for the last month… I went to New York City this weekend.

It’s been in the works for awhile now, and was planned as a surprise for Sal. He had NO IDEA I was coming.  Sal’s friend Michael (now MY friend Michael too), Sal’s roommate Jenn, and Erin all conspired with me to make sure he had plans with them all weekend long, so I wouldn’t get up there and find him busy the whole time. Of course I have plenty of friends in the city so it’s not like I couldn’t keep myself entertained, but it’d be a damn shame to get up there and not get to see him at all.

Fortunately, Michael threw a “Leap Year” party at his apartment Friday night and had plans to go see “The Seagull” with him on Saturday afternoon (after some harassment), Jenn had plans to do dinner with him on Saturday evening, and Erin had plans for a matinee movie on Sunday afternoon… So he was a free man the whole time I was there. Thanks for the trickery, guys, you all rock!

This is why my packing for the Richmond trip was so complicated… I actually had to leave a second suitcase in my car, in the airport parking lot, because I didn’t have time in between my return from Richmond and my departure for New York to go home! That’s right, I left the terminal, caught the lil’ shuttle to the parking deck, swapped one suitcase out for another, traded shoes, and went back to the terminal to board for LaGuardia. Craziness.

Got taken straight to Mike’s place for the party, and stood outside waiting for Erin for a bit… Each time I told the story, the duration of my wait got longer and longer, but the truth is I was outside for about twenty minutes while she rushed over in the direction of Michael’s apartment… unfortunately she was on the west side, not the east side, so she got a little lost. It gave me a chance to make some phone calls and work on weekend arrangements, and it was snowing just a bit, so it was actually kind of awesome. 🙂 Eventually I succumbed to Mike’s frantic txting from upstairs to hurry the hell up — he was more anxious than I was to see Sal’s reaction, I think — and I went on up.

Sal answers the door, and I’m NOT exaggerating, he stands in the doorway for about ten seconds… staring… not moving… not speaking… not BLINKING… And eventually manages to blurt out, “What are you DOING here?!”  After a shocked hug, he then adds, “How much did this COST you?!” He apparently thought I made a last-minute diversion from Richmond, not realizing that his friends had TOOOOTALLY set him up weeks ago. Deception can be FUN.

The evening was fun — Erin finally made it, and a cast of characters joined the party — and we eventually made our drunken way home. It was a good night — not going out to bars or anything, just chillin’ with good people and music and pizza and drinks, and the perfect way to start the trip. 

Saturday we had a lazy start to the day, eventually meeting up with Michael for brunch, and heading over to the theatre to see “The Seagull.” It was a TINY theatre, actually in the back of a cafe (I’m not kidding), and we had front-row center seats… Not that it mattered, frankly, because there were only like FIVE rows. I was in the corner seat, and the cast kept entering and leaving the stage right by me.  Alan Cumming, Dianne Wiest, Anette O’Toole (aka Martha Kent in Smallville), David Rasche (aka SLEDGE FREAKIN’ HAMMER, 1996-1998), and others… Mere inches from me. I had to move my legs a few times for them to be able to get past quickly without incident. 

Good show, but very dramatic and dark at times (despite Sal’s insistence that all of Chekhov’s works are comedies.) I’m glad that Marc and Andrea were able to join us, and afterwards we all wandered from place to place looking for a good meeting point. Eventually made our way to a bar and welcomed Erin and Andy to our group, then crossed the river into Jersey City for drinks, dinner, art, and revelry. 

Today was the laziest… day… EVER. Finally dragged ourselves awake and out of bed for breakfast around 10am or 11am, then BACK to bed for a nap. French toast is tiring, you know… Listened to some music, chatted idly, got Chinese take-out, and in general enjoyed a few quiet hours together before it was time to go. 5:00 comes very quickly on a day like this, and before I knew it, I was in a car on the way to the airport. 

Speaking of time flying by before you know it, it’s nearly midnight and I have to work in the morning… Alas, I must go. A fun weekend, a great surprise, and a delight spending time with such wonderful friends in the Big Apple. 

Eleven weeks until my next visit to New York  😀

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