BAD gay man

I admit it… I’m a bad gay man. I didn’t appreciate the finale of Project Runway AT ALL.

The pieces everybody LOVED? I hated. I sat there on the couch, stupified, thinking to myself, “You’re KIDDING me, right?!” The one everybody — especially every gay man under 25 or the female equivalent — LOVED (Christian’s) looked like Big Bird went Goth and threw up on himself. It was hideous.

I liked most of Rami’s work. They were things you could picture classy and elegant women wearing out to formal events (like awards shows) and looking gorgeous in. Most of the other designers’ stuff just looked ridiculous. You’d point and stare if you saw someone wearing it.

Now, Marshall (my 20 year-old gay friend) was here and eating up every bit of it. He tried to explain afterwards that it was “high fashion” that wasn’t meant to be actually WORN. This makes no sense to me — we’re saying this is ART that’s worn for runways and nothing else? Absurd.

I think there’s a generation gap at work here. Jen and I — late twenties and (gulp) thirty — were staring in horror, while the 20 year-old gay man and his female friend of approximately the same age were LOVING it. Clearly we’re missing something, us old fogies.

And would it have killed them to have some male models showcase some of the designers’ work? I would’ve liked to have seen some of the flip side of the coin. But I have a soft spot for a man in a finely tailored suit, so I guess I’m biased.

Seriously, I’m a bad gay man. If it wasn’t for all of the conversions I got credit for in my youth, they’d SO kick me out.

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