Ah, sweet blog…

…how I’ve missed you!

Hell of a weekend! Jenn came up from Charlotte, thus checking off yet another person from the Brevard County list that has visited. The to-do list is dwindling! (You know who you are…)

It became a challenge, trying to squeeze in all my favorite bars and restaurants into two days and nights. Friday night we hit up Feast for dinner/drinks, including the infamous lounge downstairs (though we skipped the make-out room) It was one of my rotation-program happy hour events, so Jenn got to see a bunch of bankers get drunk and goofy. She and I managed to polish off three bottles of Riesling by ourselves, which was, in retrospect, probably unwise. From there we took the light-rail down to Tutto Mondo, but ended up getting drinks and hanging out outside instead. A very, very long evening, but loads of fun.

Saturday we got up absurdly early (my fault — don’t be hatin’) and get some Starbucks with Alex and Haley. Back to M Street for a NAP, ’cause we’re old like that, and then off for a haircut (mine) and massages for us both. Rushed home and started getting ready, because we had the Typical Saturday Evening planned — Alexander Michael’s for dinner, then Petra’s for drinks. We ended up having nine of us hit up Al Mike’s, but we were spread out over a half-hour of arrival times, and there were too many other parties there to get seated together. S’okay, we laid siege to the bar and ate dinner up there instead (thanks, Paul!) Petra’s, fortunately, was kind enough to reserve a section of the bar for us, so we had our tables stacked together and our drinks coming regularly. Eventually got a cab home — it’s nice living a mile away — and foolishly continued the party. Matt and Eric stumbled over from their own separate late-night adventures and hung out. Drinks, drinks, Halo, drinks, pizza, drinks, bed.

Sunday we sat around M Street all day, essentially. Jenn subjected me, Jen (one N), and Haley to two hours of “Hair” the movie. Awful, awful movie… Two hours I’ll never get back in my life. Fortunately Haley brought four bottles of champagne and a big tub o’ OJ with her, so we were able to get through it.

Side-note: do all of my stories always revolve around alcohol? Geez. (That, or medical drama… I’m a mess lately, aren’t I?)

Special shout-out to Brian and Parker, the newest additions to our little group. Nice to meet ya, guys!

Monday night I traveled down to Jacksonville for a two-day work meeting. Was hoping to see Beth, one of my classmates from grad school, but she had to cancel at the last minute. S’okay, I was exhausted anyway… Then yesterday worked all day at our offsite meeting, hit up dinner with the gang from work, and hung out at the lounge downstairs at the hotel. GREAT evening, ’cause John-John, Eric, and his girlfriend (does she spell it “Nicki” or what? Anyone?) came up to the hotel to hang out with me for a few hours after dinner. Didn’t have the conversations you’d expect from that gang, at least not much… Bizarrely, we talked a lot about being a parent (just John), college, jobs, Six Sigma, religion, and politics. Lots and lots of politics. We sat at the table next to my work peeps, which was entertaining them to no end — you can imagine the sort of dialogue John and Eric had (loudly, of course) about politics and religion. They took off around midnight and I collapsed.

It’s worth noting that on Tuesday morning (yesterday) the hotel DIDN’T GIVE ME MY WAKE-UP CALL. Jerks. Naturally I woke up four minutes before it was time to be downstairs, so I was late, and the butt of jokes all day with my coworkers. Damn it! So of course, last night I get to bed around 12:30am, wake up a little after 3:00am (no worries, I managed to snag a free First Class upgrade for my flight on Friday night!), fell back asleep for about two hours, and tossed and turned until I grudgingly got up and started blogging. So we’re dealing with roughly four hours of sleep. This ought to be interesting.

Speaking of Friday… LAS VEGAS, BABY!!! Sal and I each leave in the evening and arrive around 11:30pm in Vegas (three hours behind us, so we’ll naturally be tired as hell) and stay until Tuesday morning. Sal’s going to see his friend Joanie who lives there, and I’ll be seeing my older sister Melissa. Neither of us are gamblers, so we’ll be mostly enjoying the sites, touring the Strip, undoubtedly taking a ton of pictures (but not in the casinos, where it’s forbidden, natch) and in general just enjoying being somewhere new. I’ve never been there as an adult when it WASN’T for work, so this’ll be interesting! Counting down the hours…

And there’s a NEW trip on the horizon! That’s right folks, we’ve extended the Weekend Adventure calendar into August. The weekend of July 31st-August 2nd the party will be in San Diego, California! Tony from Las Cruces is turning 30 and will be out there for a comic convention (naturally — isn’t that what everyone does for their 30th birthday?) with Laura from Las Cruces (and the infamous four-day pub crawl through London and Paris in 2006) I nabbed us some tickets to see Eddie Izzard, so I can finally check that off my list. Flights were retardedly expensive, to the tune of $500-600 (more than a trip to Europe, for fuck’s sake!) so I used my growing pile of Dividend Miles to buy my flight. Had it worked out to do the same for Sal, until I discovered that ONLY ONE Dividend Miles seat was available on the return flight and I had already taken it. WTF!! So now I’m going to have to regroup and consider other options. Ugh.

And in other travel news, we have yet another addition to the Chicago Shenanigans the weekend of April 11th-13th! Crystal, a friend of mine from the bank, booked her flight to join us. Our group now includes me, Crystal, Eric, Erin, Dave, Jenn from FL, Sal, and Steve (bad-touch!). And yes, I alphabetized that list, so nobody got all butt-hurt about their placement in the order. I’m a little OCD, what can I say? And of course, Austin and Ryan D both live in Chicago, so we’ll hopefully be seeing a ton of them as well.

So yeah, Chicago… Who else is joining? 30 days to go!

Arrgghh, so TODAY the wake-up call works… Damn it, off I go to bankland!

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