Okay, so I’ve been a bad blogger… don’t be hatin’!

It’s been a hectic couple of days… Got home from Jacksonville late Wednesday night. SOOOO good to sleep in my own bed again! (Shut up, it’s not what it sounds like…) It was short-lived, of course, as Friday evening I headed BACK to the airport for the trip to Las Vegas.

We didn’t get in ’til almost midnight (Sal and I arrived separately within a few minutes of each other) and met up with Joanie, Sal’s former high-school drama teacher. No, I don’t think he has any friends that are his age. Yesterday, we lounged around lazily for awhile, mostly while I tried futilely to connect my laptop to Sal’s for some file exchanges (I miss having a Mac, damn it… things just WORK) I was finally coerced away from the devil-machine with the suggestion of mimosas, so we went to Joanie’s favorite place for brunch. From there, a quick stop in to get glasses for Britney (Joanie’s daughter) and an impromptu drive to Lake Las Vegas. We ended up skipping the lake portion of the resort and focusing on an Irish pub, where people were celebrating St. Patrick’s Day a few days early. Any excuse for a pint, eh?

After a leisurely stay and a lot of beer, we realized we were low on time and made the trek back to Joanie’s place. Britney is studying to be a massage therapist, and SOMEHOW managed to talk me into a massage chair. (Talking me OUT of the chair was a longer process, as any of my friends with strong hands can attest) I got ahold of Beth, my new friend from Charlotte, and arranged for her to meet us all for dinner.

Dinner… Mmmmmm… Cafe Babasomethingorother. Tapas and sangria. Mostly sangria. Bliss. The meal (and drinks) went by far too quickly, and before we knew it we had to rush over to the Bellagio to see the late showing of Cirque du Soleil’s O. BEAUTIFUL show — stunning, the acrobatics and such that they do. I could do without the brief little bits of clown stuff, but I think that’s mostly a filler while they set up the next act. (Maybe I’m giving it too much credit…) A great way to finish up our first full day in Las Vegas.

I’m in bed refusing to move at the moment, but the promise of French toast (sorry, Freedom toast) and coffee is starting to tempt me. Alas, Joanie is heading out this afternoon, so our time with the family is coming to an end 😦 We’ll be checking in at the New York, NY hotel tonight, and seeing Cirque du Soleil’s Zumanity. That’s the “sensual” or “adult” Cirque performance… and Sal and I have one of the couches right up in front of the stage. I’ve been warned that they’re going to toy with the people up front, so of course I’ve had to warn Sal that he is NOT to be cute and assist them if they try to pull me up on the stage. (It’d be a shame to cut our trip short and never see each other again, don’t you think?)

Two interesting notes… By the conclusion of last night, I’d ended up spending more time with Beth in Las Vegas than I had in Charlotte! Interesting time to make a new friend, right before we’re both coincidentally visiting Vegas at the same time.

And second, for some reason it’s felt like the trip was coming to an end today… Both Sal and I have commented about our inability to shake the perception. I think it’s because this is Sunday, the end of a weekend, and maybe to a degree because we’ve been thinking ahead about Joanie’s departure. It’s sort of like this trip is split into two halves — two nights at Joanie’s and hanging out with the family, and two nights in the NY/NY and touring the strip. I’ve enjoyed the first half, and am looking forward to the second.

I’m utterly convinced that long weekends are the best vacations.

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