Nun-induced thoughts

Saw “Late Night Catechism” this evening… That’s some funny shit right there, on SOOOO many levels.

The premise of the show is that there’s one woman, dressed as a nun, teaches the class [audience] about Catholicism. And of course, a crowd full of adults, many of whom with alcoholic beverages, are likely to slip up and misbehave (coming in late, talking, chewing gum, crossing their legs, wearing short skirts, showing cleavage, etc) and require admonishment from Sister. Really entertaining show.

But it DID bring up some questions in my mind… When Sister brought up pieces of Catholic faith, in many cases encouraging — nay, demanding — students recite things along with her, I couldn’t help but be shocked at the rampant BRAINWASHING. And the absurdity of so much of it… I mean, seriously people… The idea that grown men and women could actually believe some of the things that religion teaches us is shocking. And the notion that we sit children down — defenseless children who have no say in the matter and don’t have the mental capacity to make an informed choice of their own — and put these ridiculous notions in their head, well… I think that’s child abuse. CHILD ABUSE, plain and simple.

Other than my occasional disgust at the display of brainwashing and willful ignorance, I enjoyed the show. I laughed quite a bit, both at Sister and at the audience reactions. If you’re in Charlotte, definitely check it out. And let me know when you’re going, ’cause I’d love to attend it again.

It was a reflective evening on a number of levels, though, beyond the show.

After work, I had dinner with my friend Dan before the show. Dan and I used to date, for about sixteen minutes last year, before succumbing to LJBF Syndrome. (That’s “Let’s Just Be Friends” for those not in the know…) Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong with LJBF. In fact, it was kind of refreshing catching up tonight, talking about our professional and personal lives, even talking about our dating lives in the several months since we were almost-but-not-quite an item. But it was really interesting talking about my insistence on “casual dating” and talking about how you differentiate between friends, and dating, and happily-ever-after.

It’s such a blurry line, geez.

Dan asked me what attracted me to the guys that I’m dating right now… It made me stop and wonder, what is it with me and ACTORS? Geez.

Why do some of the guys I date end up just being friends? It’s funny to me that in the course of four days, I’ll have hung out with the FIRST guy I ever dated before being just-friends (Austin, in Chicago, this coming Friday night, who I dated TEN YEARS AGO) and the LAST guy I ever dated before being just-friends (Dan, tonight) It’s a small gay LJBF world.

It’s weird, ’cause I don’t know what to say when asked what the difference is between some of my gay friends and gay men I’ve dated. So many of my gay friends are beautiful, intelligent, charming guys that in any other world I’d be lucky to date — but for whatever reason, that “spark” isn’t there. And in some cases, that spark STARTS off and then seems to fizzle into something comfortable and, though wonderful, somewhat routine. I don’t know where the distinction really is.

And don’t tell me it’s who you sleep with… I think my record on that front is clear — I don’t have anything conceptually against friends-with-benefits. And sometimes there’s that “spark” but for whatever reason the sexual aspect of it is unclear or missing altogether… I dunno what to tell you. Interpersonal relationships defy definition, and I’m glad I’m finally comfortable with that.

Holy hell I’m rambling.

Religion is a plague. Intellect and reasoning are the cure. Our society is in desperate need of vaccinations.

Happy birthday, Dan. Great seeing you again and happy belated birthday, Maile. See you for a much overdue birthday celebration soon, Brandon.

And get ready for an amazing weekend in Chicago, Austin, Eric, Erin, Jenn, Sal, and Steven.

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