Last night turned out pretty rockin’. Went to a place called Spider House, a cafe/bar full of hippies and college kids. Will and Gina picked me up and took me over there, and Sal and a bunch of his friends trickled in throughout the evening. Good food, good drinks, good company, and naturally, pictures are posted.

The thing that entertained me the most, to be honest, was a hypothetical drinking game that Chelsea and I invented… Every time someone said the word “remember” (as in, “Remember that time…” or “Remember when…” or “I remember…”) everyone had to take a shot. Once we started mentally tracking this, we realized that the entire party would be dead of alcohol poisoning within a half-hour. I wasn’t surprised, frankly — Sal hasn’t seen most of these people since he moved to NYC two years ago, so of course there’s a lot of reminiscing to be done. Still, it was nice that Chelsea and I had a shared moment for awhile there. But honestly, all the rest of Sal’s friends were great — very friendly, very warm and welcoming, and incredibly nice (especially considering most of them were coming from a funeral or were distraught over Mitch’s death)

It’s SO unfair — when Sal comes with me to Florida for 4th of July week, he’ll have met more than half of my close friends there in various trips over the past nine months. They’ll have shared experiences, things in common, basic understandings of who each other are, etc… I have to start from scratch! At least Chelsea and I have the “remember” game to play together 😀

Afterwards, at like 2am, Sal’s friend Chase (who I refer to as his “straight husband”) came over to visit. We walked around the 6th Street area and admired the drunken spectacle — they actually close off downtown for the night-life, so people were wandering around the streets, falling down on themselves, and getting in drunken arguments with anyone and no-one. Good times. Finally crashed around 3:30am.

I managed to sleep in this morning until nearly 11:30 (after waking up twice, silently being grateful for the HUGE curtains that completely blocked sunlight from the room, and going back to bed) We eventually made our way to a place called Trudy’s, right across the street from Spider House, and a good ol’ fashioned Tex-Mex breakfast/brunch. The food here in Austin makes me miss being in Las Cruces, frankly. Ah, bliss. Afterwards, we started to walk back to the hotel, but it was about 20 blocks and after 5 blocks Sal realized I was about to DIE (nearly 100 degrees, humid as hell, and 30 minute walks? No thanks, I’m fragile). We ducked into an ice cream place, sat in the laughable attempt at air conditioning, sipped some milkshakes after four attempts to explain to the employee what we wanted, and finally got a cab back to the hotel for a lengthy nap. I love being on vacation!

Tonight, we’re about to go get some dinner at a cafe called Kerbey Lane, then hit the bar scene on 6th and 4th Streets. Expect a tremendous number of drunken attempts at photography to be posted tomorrow morning.

For the record: I’m outraged that it’s 94 degrees at 8:00pm.

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