A new beginning

This marks my first blog post in my new blog, on my gatoruptown.com website.

I’m converting over so I’m not held hostage to MySpace for my blog.  I’ve become more and more fond of Facebook in the last few months, and have kept up with MySpace for two reasons: so long-lost friends can find me (I’m regularly amazed at the random people from my past who track me down on MySpace), and because I’ve got regular blog readers.

This, though, will be a long-term place to store my blog.  It seems to have some nifty functionality to it that MySpace’s blog doesn’t, especially for the author.  I haven’t really explored it too fully yet, but I’ll get there.

In the meantime, the challenge will be to gradually move my archived blog from MySpace over onto this.  I’m doing it a page at a time (which roughly equals about 10-15 blog entries) so I’ll be chipping away at it over the next couple of weeks.  Hey, it’s a lot of material to work through!

In the meantime… Welcome  🙂  You’ll need to create a profile on here if you want to comment, but anyone can read.  Enjoy!

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