Tonight we had the first “Rotation Program” happy hour event in awhile, and it was FANTASTIC!  We had probably thirty people, about half of whom were brand new folks!  Either interns (or “summer associates” as we call them) or recent college grads who are new to the bank… Either way, met lots of new people, tossed out a few business cards, and hopefully helped a few youngins get to make new contacts.  At one point I quietly “coached” a few of the interns that they’d been sitting at the same table for an hour and a half talking to everyone they new, while there were three other tables full of people they could go meet… Afterwards I felt kinda rude about it, but damned if they didn’t meet lots more people that way.  Leave your comfort zone, people!

It was a good night, and I’m delighted to say I stuck to three drinks the entire time.  Yep, that’s three drinks in four hours (plus about as many Diet Cokes, naturally)  This is the new responsible me.  Got home right before 9:00 and am had a good time without getting sloppy or spending a ridiculous amount of money.

It was a good night to have a couple of drinks and be sociable, in fact… I’d gotten up at 3:00am to call and claim free upgrades to First Class for Brandon and me, on our Friday flight up to NYC.  And then I got up at 7:00, ran into the office to get my laptop, and hurried home to login.  Y’see, I planned to run up to Brandon’s Starbucks on my lunch break before rushing into the office for the afternoon, but it turned out to not be necessary after all.

The reason:  I listed and sold Brandon’s “original” (read: old) iPhone on eBay, and sold it for $300.  He then went to go get a new iPhone for $199 and make some profit on the deal — unfortunately, the goddamned Apple and AT&T Stores have been out of stock all freakin’ week!  I finally confirmed last night that the Apple Store was getting a shipment in and would have new iPhones in stock this morning!  So Brandon then gets in line 30 minutes before opening to go get the replacement, and then let me ship out his old one to the buyer.

Damned if the bastards didn’t run out before he got to the counter… Despite being there before they even opened for the morning.  Son of a BITCH!  So yeah, poor Brandon stood in that line, waited patiently, got to the front, and got turned away empty-handed.  ARRGGHH! 

I then ask my friend Jason, who’s from Charlotte and has upgraded from the old iPhone to the new one, if he’s sold his old one yet.  Turned out he hasn’t — and both he and the old iPhone are currently in California, WHERE THE EBAY BUYER IS!  I quickly hatch a scheme to get him to send his iPhone to the buyer, and me send him the purchase money, and send the accessories separately once he returned to Charlotte… But I can’t get ahold of the buyer to get his thumbs-up on the plan.

Damn it.  This iPhone upgrade business has been a giant clusterfuck.

In other news, last night I had THE WORST massage of my life… and paid good money for it.  She seriously was terrible, absolutely terrible.  Half the time she literally stopped and just held her hands on my back — I think she MEANT to be applying pressure, but wasn’t.  She was just touching my back, holding still.  When she DID apply pressure, it included the lovely sensation of a 40-year-old woman’s nails digging into my back.  And she must’ve spent ten minutes trying to rub the tension OUT OF BONE, for fuck’s sake.  Yes, bone.  Which doesn’t release tension upon being pressed down upon.  The punchline?  She stopped ten minutes before the hour was up.  At that point though, I was more than happy to just leave.

So yes — based on the previous 24 hours, tonight was good.  And I’m counting down the hours ’til Brandon and I go to NYC for a weekend of theatre, movies, and some of my favorite people.  I’M COMING HOME!

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