I soooo should be asleep right now.

I did all the right things… Turned off the lights, took my allergy medicine, went to the bathroom, brushed my teeth… I even powered down my laptop, which I rarely do.  All things that tell my body, “Hey!  You!  GO TO SLEEP!”  And yet, nothing.  So I finally gave up, turned the lights and the computer back on, and here I sit.

Some updates:

If I didn’t officially say so in an earlier blog, I’ve CANCELLED my trip to San Diego at the end of this month.  That’s right, no Eddie Izzard for me!  This also means that I’ll miss my friend Tony’s 30th birthday, which he was to celebrate in San Diego with me… Alas, the stars conspired against me.

When I first conceived of this idea, I talked to my boss about working in a site visit while I was out there.  Ya see, one of the four major sites that I support is in Brea, about an hour and a half away from San Diego.  So I thought, here’s a great chance to be on the right coast, and I’ll extend my proposed vacation by a few days if the bank will pay for the hotel and rental car for that last section of the trip.  When I suggested this to my boss MONTHS ago, it sounded perfectly reasonable… What a great way for the bank to get a site visit accomplished, on the cheap!  Unfortunately, times are vastly different now, and it’s a rough time to be asking for money to do anything.  ANYTHING.  So the work portion of my trip was nixed.

This, then, posed a dilemma.  Sal and I had both booked tickets using frequent flyer miles… There was an opportunity to move the return flight to CHARLOTTE from Tuesday back to Sunday, but there were no award flights available to New York on Sunday at this late date.  So Sal essentially had to either cancel his trip, or stay an extra day longer than me.  It turns out this was also the weekend of his best friend Michael’s birthday, so he had a strong pull to want to stay in the city… We talked about it, kept weighing pros and cons, and eventually decided we’d just cancel his flight and save those frequent flyer miles for some other adventure together.  Problem solved.

This still left my trip… I’m ridiculously short on funds and my available credit is dwindling fast.  I looked at hotel options, but they were absurdly expensive.  Tony and Co. are planning to stay at a hostel, in a dorm setting with 4-8 people in a room and a communal bathrom.  The idea of this is HORRIFYING to me, because I’m a bit prissy about stuff like that… And then I find out that the hostel only accepts students and international travelers, because they have this mission to support travel by impoverished people who are expanding their horizons, blah blah blah.  The final straw?  I discover there is some MAJOR work stuff going on that day, that I really shouldn’t miss.

I surrender!  No more San Diego trip for me.  Gimme the miles back;  I’ll use them for something else.

So now I have two extra tickets for the Eddie Izzard show!  I originally bought them for $75 apiece, and I’d be thrilled if I could at least get my money back… So I go on eBay and post them for sale, with a Buy-it-Now bid of $250 for the two (so $100 profit)  And damn if they aren’t snapped up in FOUR MINUTES!  Yes, I was an idiot and posted a Buy-it-Now price that was ridiculously too low, apparently.  Lord knows what I could’ve got for them!  But whatever, I got my money back, and even made some in the process.  (Not enough to pay for the cancellation fee I had to pay to get my frequent flyer miles back, but I’m going to stop complaining)

The real bitch of me being unable to sleep right now?  I’m waking up at 3:00am to call US Airways.  Yes, I’m once again beating the system to get free upgrades to First Class.

I’ll explain.

When you’re a “Silver Preferred” member of the US Airways frequent flyer program, meaning you fly a bunch but not ever single week, you are eligible for free upgrades for First Class two days before your flight.  Their computer systems will process this automatically in the middle of the night, just before dawn, two days before your scheduled departure.  They take all the “Silver” members flying coach on that flight, and start assigning them First Class upgrades in the order of miles flown that calendar year.  This means that they might run out of First Class seats before they get down to me, to which I say, BULLSHIT!

Fortunately, there’s a trick… You’re eligible for upgrades as of 12:01am two days before your flight, even if it’s an evening flight.  Since I have a flight tomorrow afternoon to New York City, I was eligible for an upgrade at 12:01am on Wednesday, which is to say, Tuesday night.  The catch?  Their computers are on PACIFIC TIME, which means 3:01am here on the East Coast.  So my scheming ass sets an alarm for 3:00, gets up, calls in to their 24 hour hotline, and asks them to check for upgrade availability.  If there’s a seat available, they manually put me into it before the system automatically processes the upgrade pool around 5:00 or 6:00.  BONUS! 

Brandon and I, who are flying to New York City for a weekend of theater (including live performances and film), have already been upgraded to First Class for our flight tomorrow afternoon.  Yes, you can upgrade one “travelling companion” with you for free if there are two seats open!  So now I’m going to try to round out the trip by getting our Sunday evening return upgraded as well.  Wish me luck, in three hours!

Ugh, it really is barely three hours away.  WHY can’t I sleep?!

Okay, some travel notes… I’ll be in New York City tomorrow evening through Sunday evening.  We have a retardedly packed agenda — more on that tomorrow I’m sure — but any of my NYC peeps, please call/txt me so I can try to see you!  I’ll be back up with Brandon Poole from August 8th – 10th (yes, I’m going to NYC with both Brandons in the span of three weeks) so there’ll be another opportunity, but c’mon, let’s get on it! 

Then the gayest two consecutive weekends of my LIFE… Labor Day Weekend in New Orleans, which I later discovered is SOUTHERN DECADENCE weekend, the “gay Mardis Gras” in the French Quarter… And the following weekend, road trip to Atlanta to see Kathy Griffin. 

Lawd hepp me!

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