Home, sweltering home

I’m suddenly reminded why I’ve restricted my NYC visits to Fall, Winter, and Spring for the past several years. It is freakin’ MISERABLY hot, and apparently lots of people in New York don’t have air conditioning in their apartments.

Holy Hell, I think I’m going to DIE.

Other than that, the first bit of the adventure has been great! The process of getting here was a little frustrating, but not too bad… I had to work right up until 3 o’clock and then rush to the airport for a 4:10 flight. We got to our gate and people were already boarding, so we dutifully stood in line and shuffled onto the plane. The plane was loaded to the brim with passengers and luggage, taxied away from the terminal, aaaand sat there for an hour.

Apparently there was some air congestion in the New York region. Who knew?!

The flight itself made up for the slight delay. Our flight attendant was a guy named LaVelle, according to his apron. A gay white man in his forties, I’d wager, he privately confessed that his name wasn’t LaVelle, and that he simply gave them something silly to embroider on the apron. He also served us STRONG cocktails with two extra bottles of liquor on the side… Twice. Yep, we got off that plane DRUNK and in possession of five new liquor bottles in my luggage. We also had a great time listening to music and watching tv shows on one another’s iPhones… And when I say “we had a great time” I mean that *I* had a great time, and Brandon indulged me.  By the end of the flight we were cracking ourselves up with drunken silent pantomimes (as opposed to verbal pantomimes… gosh I’m an idiot sometimes… Shut up)

We finally arrive at LaGuardia and frantically rush over to Michael’s apartment in a cab, where Sal is downstairs waiting to literally grab our bags and run them upstairs, while we sit in the car and insist the driver waits to take us to the theatre.  It actually worked out very well — hooray for a good Plan B, Salvador!

Xanadu was…cute.  We had onstage seating, meaning we were seated in tiny little rows at the BACK of the stage, facing the audience.  Our little group — me, Brandon, Sal, Michael, Erin, Jessica, and Clay — was more than half of the onstage audience, so it felt like our own private show.  Or maybe that was the airline liquor… Either way, it was fun.  The show itself was ridiculously campy — I’ve never seen the original film, so I had no expectations and nothing to compare it to.  The music was fine, but probably not something I’d rush home to download and play in the car or condo. I didn’t find the story all that compelling, but again, it was cute.  For $51 and a tipsy on-stage experience, it was great.  Had I paid $120 to sit in the orchestra, I would’ve been annoyed.  All in all, hooray for weird NYC theatre experiences.

From there we grabbed a slice of New York pizza — still haven’t done the hot dog, but the pizza?  CHECK! — and went to see the Mamma Mia! movie.  The audience was full o’ gays, naturally, and the crowd applauded wildly after particularly good musical numbers.  The best part was the reaction when audience members heard the first few notes of a classic Abba song and realized where the story was going… And they CRACKED UP every time Pierce Brosnan burst into song.  I was relieved that there wasn’t a lot of singing along in the audience, but I did notice quite a bit of unintentional seat-dancing with particularly catchy songs.  It’s possible I MAY have been one of those people.

As we were leaving the theater, Jessica accidentally tried to leave with the wrong gays!  Poor thing, a sea of young men in tight t-shirts, short hair, and messenger bags… She got confused.  It was like watching a kid who is leaving a public place with his/her parent(s), looks up, and realizes, “OMG YOU’RE NOT MY DADDY!  WHERE’D MY DADDY GO?!”  Good times.

After the movie we went over to Mecca — sorry, to the flagship Apple Store on 5th Avenue — to scope out cases for our new iPhone 3Gs.  Yes, if I failed to mention earlier, Brandon was finally able to get the 3G in Charlotte on Friday morning before we left, and we overnighted the old one to the eBay buyer.  Brandon and the buyer have both been so patient during this whole mess, gosh… What a relief to have that settled to everyone’s satisfaction!  Sadly, they didn’t have any cases we liked, so we just grabbed some screen films and left.

Time for me to stop blogging and get ready for brunch… But of course, I HAD to post this before heading out for the day.  Lord knows how long the entry would’ve been if I’d waited until tomorrow!

The city awaits!

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