Sweet and sour

Sunday started and ended on great notes, with a minor bit of frustration in between.

We took Brandon to Sunday brunch at Arte Café, which has officially become my favorite brunch location on the planet. Good food, delicious and plentiful “brunch drinks” (mimosas, Bloody Marys, strawberry sangria, etc.) and playful servers, all at reasonable prices… Especially the $12 unlimited drinks! Giles, Michael, Vanessa, and Jessica all joined us, and we spent the better part of three hours there. Totally blew right past the time we’d planned to spend in Central Park, but there’s always next time! We stuffed ourselves senseless and drank until our server, the adorable and tolerant Kyle, just started dropping off pitchers rather than refills.

We ended up hanging around OUTSIDE Central Park while Sal stumbled into the street and thoughtfully tried to hail a cab to take Brandon and me to the airport. Eventually a “gypsy cab” stopped — that’s a car that isn’t technically a licensed cab with a meter, so you haggle with the driver. The fucker wanted $100 to take us, when a regular taxi would be around $30. Hell with that; the whole benefit of a gypsy cab is getting it cheaper than a licensed taxi! We made him pull over and let us out, then hailed a real cab and made our way to LaGuardia.

Now, I’ve had pretty good luck with air travel lately, so it was bound to happen before too long… Our flights home from New York were cancelled yesterday.


After standing in line at the airport for nearly two hours, we finally got rebooked on the next available flights… The following morning. Apparently flights all up and down the Eastern Seaboard were cancelled due to bad weather, and we were lucky to get the flight we did — an hour later when I checked again, everything was sold out all the way until 9pm. Count your blessings, right?

Other good news… We were stranded in New York City, where there are places for us to stay, so we didn’t have to sit at the airport all night. We took a cab back to Central Park, where Sal was still hanging out, and then took the subway with him back to his place in Astoria.

So yeah, a frustrating bit in the middle, but another few hours with Sal is a nice trade-off. After some frantic phone calls and emails to re-create my morning schedule and then cancel it (DAMN ME for not bringing my Blackerry!) I was able to relax and make the best of it.

Seeing Sal’s place was a nice surprise, and it was fantastic having dinner at a local Greek restaurant and walking along the river afterward. We called it a night pretty early, as we were all tired from the weekend’s festivities.

Sadly I didn’t sleep well, as I tossed and turned most of the night worrying about my morning flights back to Charlotte. I’m on the plane now at the DC airport, waiting to depart for the last leg of the trip, so it seems today’s travel will be fairly uneventful. And of course, Sal will be down to Charlotte in 17 days for New Orleans and Atlanta, so there’s something to eagerly look forward to.

Here’s to ending the trip on a sweet note!

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