Our New Orleans hero

A special shout-out:  Jonathan Montet, you are a WONDERFUL HUMAN BEING.  

For those that haven’t had the pleasure, Jonathan lives here in New Orleans and is a friend of our friend Jessica in NYC… Ever since he found out Jessica’s peeps were coming to the Big Easy, he’s stayed in touch by phone and Internet to make plans for hanging out.  He’s been friendly, charming, and eager to show Sal and me around town.

More importantly, Jonathan has been a lifesaver once Gustav started pointing in this direction.  When he heard about our predicament, he immediately offered his apartment to us (despite having never met in person!)  He even came up to meet with us at Starbucks and give us a friendly hello, while we finalized our back-up plans for the weekend.

It’s always a pleasure to meet genuinely nice people in new places.


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