Giving in

After weighing pros and cons, considering options, and throwing a minor fit, I decided to move forward with getting the ‘Stang fixed AGAIN.

It’s going to cost an unholy amount of money… And I really pray it’s the last thing that needs to be done, in order to make that bastard last me for the next year. The oil and transmission leaks have been fixed, the transmission itself has been replaced, and the broken AC is about to be less of an issue now that we’re getting into cool weather. I’m cautiously optimistic.

Fortunately, as mentioned in the previous entry, we have great friends who are very generous and supportive. After borrowing Jen’s car for a day, we’re now on to Laura’s car for awhile. I had the ‘Stang towed to the transmission place today, and should get it back mid-week next week. In the mean time, Laura’s car will get us around town. Hooray for amazing friends!

And hooray for Brandon Poole, for driving the gang to Atlanta tomorrow morning!

One Response to Giving in

  1. Have fun in Atlanta! Good luck with the car….

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