It’s official — I am GROUNDED.

Between the airfare/hotel/registration for my conference in DC last week, the repairs to my car, prepaying for the Mardi Gras travel expenses in February, and all the going out for food and drinks on recent trips, I’m digging myself into a ridiculous hole of credit card debt. I’ve GOT to stop the bleeding, but fortunately there’s light at the end of the tunnel.

Four weeks from today, Sal will be waking up in his new home here in Charlotte. My perceived need to travel is about to be scaled WAY back.

We’ve still got a couple of things on the horizon… October 9th-13th we go to Cocoa Beach for a long weekend. No real plans — just taking advantage of the Columbus Day holiday to sneak down for a quick visit, which we booked months ago when we found RIDICULOUSLY low prices on airfare. This’ll also be the trip during which Sal officially moves in — he’s simply not getting on the final flight home to New York, opting instead to stay in Charlotte with me.  

The only other thing we have planned in 2008 is a road trip back to Florida again over the Christmas holiday, likely imitating our 4th of July trip by visiting friends in different parts of the state. A relatively cheap way to get quality time in with people, especially now that the car is [allegedly] back in good shape again. Besides, road trips are fun with the right company!

We’d talked about trying to go out to visit friends and family in Austin and Las Vegas (over Thanksgiving and/or New Year’s) but I think we both are coming to acknowledge that we need to stay put. As much as we’d like to visit, neither of us can really afford to do so right now. We’re being TEMPTED by friends who want to go, but I’m hoping we’re able to be strong and resist.

Besides, we’ll have each other here in Charlotte, and some wonderful friends who’ll be able to celebrate the holidays with us. Why would we need to leave?

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