Okay, so I know it’s cheesy… But I’m profoundly touched by a wonderful gesture from my manager.

The bank is all about “spirit” stuff. Spirit cards are a quick version of thank-you cards or recognition for a job well done. Spirit Rewards points are given to employees and can be used to purchase stuff (see my Capitulation post for an example) And finally, there’s a “Spirit Medallion” that is like a Spirit Card on steroids. They’re given out quarterly, and a few weeks ago I found out I’d be getting one.

Right about now, my friends from the bank who read this are laughing at me. They’re probably rehearsing their mockery for the next time they see me. I shudder to think about the comments this post will earn. Screw you guys — I’m thrilled. I’ve never received one before, and it was recently delivered to me. It’s downright FANCY.

Seriously, I’m really glad to be working at Bank of America. With all that’s going on in the financial services industry, it’s a GOOD time to be here. Banks and investment firms are going bankrupt, being purchased by other companies, and rapidly undoing generations of legacy-building. It’s a sad time, and I’m glad that my employer is one of the few that’s holding its own.

Besides, they give out shiny awards like this one:

2 Responses to Recognition

  1. Steven says:

    Congratulations, Kevin!

  2. Anthony says:

    Be grateful you work for an organization that makes that kind of effort. I’ve been working 6 days a week for the entire year, and got laughed at when i brought it up, so I bought myself one of these 🙂

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