I had the most AMAZING evening!

After work, a bunch of us got together at Brixx to have a bite and a drink (or three).  My neighbors Shane and Jenn, who I’ve run into at the mailbox, at bank office buildings Uptown, and at restaurants and bars (but have never deliberately hung out with) came up to join us, as did the new upstairs neighbor Ben.  The always-lovely Beth, who I met in Charlotte but became friends with in Las Vegas, spent the evening with us.  Josh (Crazy, not B) and Danny stopped by to socialize a bit as well.  It was one of those surreal dinners were there are five different conversations happening at once, criss-crossing around the table, people shifting from one topic to the next, laughing with one another, joining in exchanges with people you just met at that table.

It was bliss.

And for dessert?  We walked across the street and saw Traces again.  It was such a different experience the second time around — knowing how much Sal and I loved it the first time, we were even more excited to see some of our favorite parts again.  And the fact that we had dinner the night before with Héloïse and Raphael made the show seem so much more PERSONAL to me… Sure, two hours together doesn’t make us lifelong friends, but having someone in particular to cheer for just makes the experience more fun.  

And if that wasn’t amazing enough… After the show, we came back to my place and hung out a bit longer.  Ben had to bail, but Beth stuck around, and Sal’s coworker Drew came by with his girlfriend.  (Turns out they live just down the street!)  Shane and Jenn from next door came by as well.  We hung out in the kitchen, enjoyed some drinks together, and had random conversations about nothing and everything.

It was such a great feeling, having NEIGHBORS again.  I loved living at the 626 building, because there were friends in the building who could wander over and socialize together.  It’s great suddenly meeting so many folks from the neighborhood, and having an upstairs neighbor that is awesome rather than a douche. 

Thanks, neighbors, for helping make the evening so much fun!

2 Responses to Neighbors

  1. Anthony says:

    All my neighbors are either old, wierd, strange, or a comabination of those three attributes. I’ve had some bizarre roommates too, whose influences haunt me to this day.

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