Almost Homeless

I’ve complained a lot lately about being broke. Yes, things have been tight — I’ve spent more money than I should’ve on some things, and I’ve gotten less income than I was expecting for the past few months. But I suppose, all things consider, that I’ve got it better than many people!

Check this out:



This guy is Paul Nawrocki. He got laid off from an executive position after 36 years in the toy industry, and now takes the train into NYC (a 90-minute commute) wearing a suit and a billboard that reads, “Almost homeless. Looking for employment. Very experienced operations and administration manager.” He walks around NYC wearing that billboard and handing out resumes, hoping to find a job. He’s got a partially disabled wife and a daughter in college.  (Photos and info from

I need to stop complaining about my financial problems.

One Response to Almost Homeless

  1. […] it seems my blog about his story in December ’08 was NOT what got him back on his feet. But I’m happy for him […]

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