Bah Humbug! (Again)

Long-time readers are probably wondering when I’ll get around to posting my annual “Bah Humbug” blog entry.  Well, here it is.

Please don’t buy me gifts this year, unless you’re just overflowing with holiday spirit and money to burn.  I don’t plan on buying gifts for you.  I’m broke. 

I will, however, enjoy the gift of your company.  If you’re in Charlotte, plan to stop by and visit one evening after work, or on the weekends.  Puck would love to harass you, and I’ll cheerfully make you a tasty cocktail and talk your ear off.

Happy Holidays!

One Response to Bah Humbug! (Again)

  1. Micki says:

    Sweetie, everyone I know is broke! You tell me when, I will bring edibles. Besides, why does Christmas have to be focused on gifts, anyway? Is it not really about fellowship, goodwill, and love-no matter what religous/non-religous background someone is from.

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