Twelve hours

It turns out that right about the time I was writing my blog this morning, Christina’s water was breaking.  I should’ve penned that blog yesterday morning, and sped things up!

It’s been quite the day.  Sal and I got up and joined my mother for breakfast in GOD’S WAITING ROOM.  It was really just a small diner on the beach, but it was in a neighborhood full of retirees.  I think Sal and I were the only patrons there under the age of sixty.  

The moment we walked in, my mom noticed some friends of my family’s from more than twenty years ago, when my dad worked as a civilian at the Air Force base here.  Naturally she squealed and hopped up and down, delighted that she got to reintroduce me to people I knew as a young child.  I’m not certain, but I think she had an accident in her pants, she was so excited.

I would’ve bolted for the car if Sal hadn’t stood firmly in the path of the exit and demanded that I be nice.

The meal was great — baked oatmeal is a gift from the gods — and we had pleasant conversation.  And when my parents’ friends from Way Back When stopped by to say hello on their way out, of course I was polite and chatted pleasantly with them.  They really are nice people, and one of them (my dad’s former secretary, I believe) was tickled pink to see me.  All in all, it was charming.

Right as we got the check, I got the text message from Christina that her water had broken and that she and Kyle were at the hospital.

I nearly shoved my mom out of the car when we got back to her place, and Sal and I gleefully rushed back to my childhood home and grabbed some supplies for the day.  A quick apologetic call to my father — I’d hoped to spend some time with him this afternoon — and we were on our way to the hospital.

The waiting room here at Holmes Regional Medical Center in Melbourne is cozy enough — from what I’m told, it’s one of the nicer facilities for expecting mothers — and it doesn’t FEEL like we’ve been here for nine hours.  I’m sure Kyle (Christina’s charming husband) feels the whole twelve hours that they’ve been here.  

Christina has had an epidermal, so she’s probably not feeling anything but sleepy stoned bliss.  And she doesn’t have any to share, damn it.

Sal and I are camped out here, with Thijson and Jinilin, and Christina/Thijson’s stepfather Denis.  If ya gotta be trapped in a room for a full day, you could do worse than these peeps.  We threw on “The Dark Knight” on iTunes, we’ve all read some, and we’re exploiting the free WiFi Internet access.  Thijson’s getting homework done.  Sal’s playing around with YouTube.  

And I, of course, am blogging.  Stay tuned.

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