Party games

I’ve posted before about unusual circumstances with friends that ended up becoming impromptu drinking games… Our unplanned Clue party-slash-drinking-game remains infamous, if only in my own mind. Well, last night we discovered a new one.

DWI checkpoints.

Yes, the Charlotte Mecklenburg Police Department set up a drunk-driving checkpoint right in front of my building, where McDowell Street turns into 10th/Central. Where TONS of people enter Uptown from the northeast, or leave Uptown to return home after a night of drinking.

Naturally, I sent frantic txt msgs to all of my friends who live in Center City, or who come to bars here. And I apparently rescued a few people, which was cool — score one for preventing friends and neighbors from getting into trouble (and don’t lecture me about justice and responsibility, none of them were THAT drunk…)

Anyway, the drinking game! Crowded onto the balcony at my place, we could see the traffic stop itself to the right, and the reactions of approaching traffic to the left. So the game is this: you pick an escape route — either frantic u-turn away from the checkpoint, or a last-minute left turn onto 8th Street — and you take a shot any time a car follows your chosen path.

And any time a drunk driver gets stopped, arrested, and has his/her car towed away, everyone drinks and cheers.

Any questions?

2 Responses to Party games

  1. Mike says:

    No real “questions”, just a small “warning”… even after 25 years here in the U.S. and in Canada, that shit doesn’t go away. It stays on a person’s record, and in some cases can really cause issues long after. Fortunately, I have no experience in having been busted, but have several friends who have, so I have seen 1st hand what happens to people.

    Glad no one got in trouble… the police do that here at times, too… Tampa Bay (Clearwater) was the worst, but I know one night here in Jacksonville I went out late to get a gallon of milk and ran into this. Having not had a thing to drink (including milk), I wasn’t too worried, but they still made me get out of the car and do the whole-9 sobriety thing. More annoying than anything else, they will also get right up in your face and “sniff” to see if anything is on your breath. That’s what really pissed me off. I had done nothing wrong, and at 3 am after a long days work, I really didn’t want someone getting so close to me with the sole purpose of “sniffing my breath”. I just wanted some milk was all.

    Do keep in mind, though… so many lives get lost and/or hurt from this… I can sort of see the point. And as long as all I’m craving is milk, I’ll go along with it.

  2. I think it’s interesting that the checkpoint’s purpose was subverted by your ability to rapidly warn a people via text message. I wonder how many other people were looking out their windows and sending off texts, IMs, or facebook posts about the checkpoint. It makes you wonder whether setting up checkpoints is really that useful in a networked society like ours.

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