I spent most of the past week suffering along without my computer… I’d regretfully put it in the shop on Monday afternoon, because the wireless signal has been intermittently bad SINCE THE DAY I BOUGHT IT and I’ve finally worked up the initiative to do something about it.

I picked it back up yesterday afternoon, and you’d think I’d been reunited with a kidnapped child, so great was my relief.  Seriously, it is AMAZING how much I’ve come to rely on technology!  

Nevermind the fact that my iPhone has full email capabilities, a Facebook application that basically has full functionality except for event invitations, a Bank of America application that lets you access all of your accounts, and even a blog application for writing things like this.  Hell, I even bought some books on the app.

No, I just got pissy because my routine was interrupted.  I couldn’t get up in the morning and download my banking activity, I had to look at each account one by one on my phone instead..  I couldn’t check iTunes for new music releases on the computer, I had to spend a few extra seconds to do it on the handheld.  I couldn’t quickly glance at the full Facebook page on my laptop screen, I actually had to scroll on my iPhone to read it all. MEDIEVAL TORTURE!

In other news, I apparently would be the first one to die on a deserted island.

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