iPhone 3.0

Okay folks, I know a lot of my readers are iPhone fanatics just like me. Many of you probably spent awhile yesterday afternoon/evening downloading and trying to install the new operating system… It took me about an hour to finally get through to the activation server, because of the mass flood of other Apple enthusiasts trying to get it AS SOON AS HUMANLY POSSIBLE also, but I finally got it loaded.

And then… I’ve basically not done anything with it at all.

Yeah, I’ve seen the bit about how you can forward/delete individual pieces of an ongoing IM conversation, which is cool. And I’ve seen the “voice memo” application, but I haven’t used it. I’m aware that there is cut-copy-and-paste functionality (and my friend and neighbor Shane told me all about it) but I haven’t tried it yet. I saw on a website that it had a spot for “autofill” passwords, just like your Internet browser at home, which is cool. And yes, I know there’s a landscape keyboard now when writing in IMs, email, and so on.

In general, though, I just haven’t been motivated to play with the new features. I must be broken or something.

So c’mon, iPhone users! Post your comments below. What features am I missing out on? What do I need to pay attention to? What do you LOVE or HATE about it? Show me some of that iPhone passion!


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