Chalkboard Wall

When Sal lived in New York City, he had a giant chalkboard in his apartment. He and his roommates would write, draw, etc. on the board, using it for decoration and communication and entertainment.

So when Sal suggested using a special chalkboard paint on one of the walls in our living room, I naturally thought back to the environment in NYC where I last saw something similar. And that was an apartment full of college students in their early twenties.

Which immediately screamed, “DORM ROOM!” at me, so I was suspicious.

Look, I’m often messy in my home. I don’t typically clean up until the level of clutter reaches a certain critical mass. But I still like the idea that with a quick hour or two of frantic tidying up, my home can look like a professional adult in his thirties lives here. So I was a little concerned about adding a large decorative touch that reminds me of an undergrad apartment.

After weeks (months?) of discussing it in snippets here and there, I finally (and grudgingly) admitted that if he put it up and I found I didn’t like it, we could always just paint over it. So we tentatively agreed to give it a shot.

I came home from work today and found a giant black wall in my living room.

It’s brand new, so the jury’s still out. The paint is still drying, of course, which means we can’t actually write on it yet… So my only impression right now is the occasional freak-out when I see a wall of darkness in my peripheral vision. Stay tuned for an update (probably after our week in Miami) and some photos of the finished product.

I am cautiously optimistic.

3 Responses to Chalkboard Wall

  1. Full disclosure: I endorsed this

  2. Steven says:

    We tried this on our pantry door and it didn’t turn out so well. The paint was not magnetic, as claimed. Painting the door back to white was a real bitch!

  3. Melanie says:

    That sounds like a fantastic idea and perfect for you guys! Now your friends can leave you artwork and notes! 🙂 btw – I didn’t notice it the other day – where is it?

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