Shear Madness

Blumenthal is hosting an “Out on the Town” event for Shear Madness at the Stage Door Theatre on College Street. It’s Thursday, August 27th, and by purchasing tickets through this special engagement, you save ten dollars per ticket! Here’s the link:

Shear Madness discount tickets for “Out on the Town”

Here’s what the Blumenthal website has to say about Shear Madness:

Murderously funny, SHEAR MADNESS slays audiences with its laugh-a-second mix of wacky characters and madcap mayhem that plops YOU–the audience–smack dab into the middle of a murder mystery. You decide whodunit! With its ever changing references to local news and happenings and the audience’s input, SHEAR MADNESS is literally different every night. Nobody sees this show just once! Its new-every-night freshness has made SHEAR MADNESS Charlotte’s and the world’s favorite comedy, playing to more than eight million people around the globe. Catch this crowd pleaser while you can! The SHEAR MADNESS cast of zany characters will leave you breathless with laughter and the intimate Stage Door Theater will keep you close to all the twists and turns as you careen towards deciding whodunit!

I saw the show once last year, and twice this year, and have enjoyed it every time. No two shows are the same — you should definitely see it. And do it this night, when you can save ten bucks and see it with ME!


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