Anonymous blogging

My friends like to tease me about my obsessive blogging… If I go a day without posting an entry of some sort, I feel like I’ve let my readers down. It’s silly, I know, but it makes me feel like I’m reaching people. Maybe not on many things of huge importance — movies and theatre, news, politics, current events — but I know quite a few people who read it regularly and mention to me later what they think about what I post.

Which is all well and good, until I get freakin’ fired for it.

Yep, it turns out more than a few bloggers are getting themselves “outed” publicly, after having run an anonymous blog that lets them rant and rave with impunity. There’s an article posted on that brings up some of the more notable recent examples. Check it out if you’ve got a few minutes to kill.

I suppose for me the saving grace is that I never try to hide the identify of the author of If anything, I obnoxiously overpublicize it to my friends, and even random people I meet. So while the people mentioned in that article may have a legitimate beef if they get “outed” against their will and then suffer the consequences, I have no-one to blame but myself.

But really, I maintain there’s nothing in here that I should be worried about. My general rule of thumb is that if I wouldn’t want my boss, my mother, and the newspaper to get ahold of my blog, I probably shouldn’t be posting it online. And fortunately (or unfortunately) for me, I’m not shy about sharing my opinions. The best I can say is that I try not to deliberately upset people or hurt anyone’s feelings.

And from time to time, even potentially bad situations are turned around. I wrote a review of a play in the Charlotte area, and to say I wasn’t charitable would be an understatement. But a couple of the performers, and even the director, shared some intelligent dialogue in the comments. And today, I was delighted to see a comment from one of the actors, quite a while later, on a new entry I’ve written. (Yes, I mean you, Trent!) It’s nice to know that despite an unfavorable review, I still managed to be a compelling enough author to warrant a second read on another topic.

Now if only I could get PAID for this.

2 Responses to Anonymous blogging

  1. Erin says:

    Hehe!! I get paid for it!! šŸ™‚

  2. […] been conscious of what I post on social media — I have often saidĀ that I don’t post anything I don’t want my mother or my boss to see — but more recently I’ve become especially concernedĀ about it. Perhaps it’s […]

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