I Love You, Man

This evening we took a break from our Netflix-delivered Weeds marathon (and by “took a break” I mean we finished the complete first four seasons of Weeds and had to move on to something else) to watch a movie at home. We watched the Paul Rudd/Jason Segel comedy I Love You, Man.

The concept is both creative and clichĂ©: man and woman are engaged to be married, and a third person comes into the mix at the last minute with potentially disastrous consequences. What’s interesting about this storyline is the modern “bromance” aspect.

The bromance, for those who are unfamiliar with the term, is a nonsexual relationship between two men, with many of the same activities and interactions as you’d expect from two people who are dating. In this case, Paul Rudd’s character is about to be married but realizes he doesn’t have any close male friends to be his groomsmen or even his best man. (The fact that he has a brother played by Andy Samberg, with whom he has a great relationship, somehow manages to elude everyone through the story)

After a series of comic misadventures — the embarrassing twerp, the 89-year-old man whose FriendFinder.com profile photo is probably sixty years old, and the guy who misinterprets their hanging out one evening as a date and kisses him on the mouth — the hapless groom-to-be runs into Jason Segel’s character. This guy is many things that our lead isn’t: impulsive, straightforward, and a little bit crazy. I won’t go into too much detail, to save some of the movie for you, but predictably this leads to tension between the engaged couple.

I’ll skip ahead to my point: the movie is cute, it’s funny, and it’s incredible UNCOMFORTABLE at times. Paul Rudd’s character is absolutely adorable, but he’s painfully awkward as he tries to navigate the ins and outs of platonic male bonding. It’s worth watching just so you can CRINGE, as I did a dozen times, at the ridiculous things that he says in awkward social moments.

I Love You, Man is at times predictable, at times shocking, and mostly entertaining. It’s nothing phenomenal, and certainly isn’t going to win any Academy Awards. But it’s a great movie to watch from the couch, with a bottle of wine and some friends.

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