Family loss

My aunt Kathy has been having heart trouble for a bit now, and had been in the hospital waiting for emergency surgery for the past week or so. They kept moving her surgery date, often delaying it by a day because a more urgent need came in, but finally performed the surgery a few days ago. The surgery went well, and the doctors gave her a 99% chance of full recovery.

She died suddenly, quite unexpectedly, last night.

I made a comment on my Facebook page last night about this, and since then I’ve received quite a few consoling comments from friends. The truth is that we weren’t close at all, but my father was very close with her. Dad’s never been a real touchy-feely emotional person, so it’s noteworthy for him to have a close relationship with someone… which makes last night’s sudden loss even more difficult.

To those that have reached out by phone, txt msg, and Facebook: thank you for your kind words. I’m fine, I really am, but your thoughtfulness is greatly appreciated.


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