Despite the fact that it’s only August, I’m in a bit of a panic over Thanksgiving. Y’see, with Sal’s new work schedule, there aren’t a lot of opportunities to plan ahead for a 3-day or 4-day trip. His group is trying to book shows throughout the Fall at school, community centers, etc. so we probably won’t know whether he’s available to leave town until very close to the date.

And for a planner like me, that’s a real bite-in-the-ass.

Thanksgiving, though, is one of the two major “off limits” times between now and the end of the year. (Christmas is the other, and we’ve already made plans for that — more on that, later) So we’ve been discussing options, and we’ve come up with three.

At first we were intrigued by the idea of a Thanksgiving picnic in Central Park. Yes, of course New York City was on the list — this might be the only opportunity we have to go back there before year-end. Many of my close friends in NYC will still be around that weekend, though unfortunately a lot of Sal’s friends (the younger ones, usually) will be going “back home” to see family. But Marc, Erin, Giles, and some others have all confirmed they’ll be sticking around, and if not available for Thanksgiving itself, will at least be around over the long weekend.

But then guilt start setting in… In March of 2008, Sal and I went out to Las Vegas to visit my sister and a former director of Sal’s, neither of whom had we seen in a long time. (I had Sal beat — I hadn’t seen my sister in fifteen years) Since flights to Las Vegas are hard to get at a cheap fare, we figured if we caught the pricing just right, it would be a good chance to go back out there. Unfortunately, we missed the really good price point and now might be shut out, unless it comes back down in the next month or so.

And finally, there’s the ol’ standby of going back to Florida. But rather than simply heading back to Cocoa Beach and sittin’ around with my friends, like we normally do, we thought about going to Orlando and spending a few days exploring the theme parks. (We’d probably see some of my peeps anyway as they could always come to join us, or we might spend a day/night over on the beach with them, but that wouldn’t be the focus of the trip) I haven’t really spent any time at the parks since I was a kid, other than some wild weekends at Downtown Disney during a binge-drinking month several years ago, so it seemed like an interesting proposal. (Unfortunate choice of words — those drunken weekends several years ago led to an ill-advised marriage that ended poorly!)

Alas… prices on all three are currently a bitch. And I crunched some numbers in Quicken this week and discovered I am ABSURDLY over budget, by hundreds of dollars, in several areas. I’ve finally gotten the New Mexico house rented, but my Charlotte rental is still sitting vacant, and that mortgage is eating up an incredible amount of money each month.

In short, I’m broke. So I don’t know if I’ll be going anywhere.

It’s all a waiting game now, I suppose. Waiting to see if airfare becomes more reasonable at any of the three proposed destinations. Waiting to see if my Charlotte rental finally gets a tenant, so I can stop hemorrhaging money on it each month. Waiting to see if any of our Charlotte friends who’ve expressed an interest in traveling with us on Thanksgiving are actually able to (which shouldn’t motivate me to spend money I don’t have, but certainly could) Waiting to wait.



10 Responses to Thanksgiving

  1. Christina says:

    We’re still in the planning stages for Thanksgiving ourselves. I know we’ll be in KY for T-day, but we have an entire week prior to this… we might just stop in NC before KY. So it won’t be a Thanksgiving holiday stop in, but a belated birthday stop in. What do you think??????

  2. Jennifer says:

    LOL – that was Citywalk my dear!!! So you haven’t been to Downtown Disney in longer than you think. πŸ™‚

  3. gatoruptown says:

    Christina, sounds great! Let’s scheme πŸ™‚

    Jenn, shut up, I drink a lot.

  4. Melanie says:

    11/6 – 11/11 Epcot Food and Wine Festival with Me, Micki and friends from NYC and Miami. Have reservation at Pop Century at very friendly rate. Talk to me if you guys want to come down for part or all of it.

  5. gatoruptown says:

    Thanks Melanie, but we’ll be in Texas that weekend.

  6. Erin says:

    Uhm you are not doing thanksgiving in cold ass central park. How bout i get seats for the parade and then we go back to our place for Walkers second amazing turkey dinner!!!! Macys parade then yummy food!!!

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  8. Good luck with your Thanksgiving travel arrangements. Money has been tight for so many for so long now. Hopefully, this holiday season will start a turn around toward prosperity!

  9. Randy says:

    Aby and I would love to go to NYC for Thanksgiving, after all it is Aby’s B-day. We will wait and see if we can find a good deal. I know we would have a blast with you guys. Well at least Aby would, I can only handle so many shows. we need to get together and plan something solid.

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