The day after tomorrow, Sal and I will be fleeing the country. A bit overly dramatic, perhaps, but Labor Day weekend is a special time for us. We met over Labor Day weekend two years ago, when several friends of mine joined me up in New York City for a weekend getaway (during which I was checking out neighborhoods, intent on moving there) For a quick recap of the recent mushiness surrounding this anniversary, click here.

Last year, on the one-year anniversary of us meeting, Sal and I decided to go to New Orleans. We discovered that Labor Day weekend is Southern Decadence in the French Quarter, sort of the gay Mardi Gras, so there was quite the series of gay festivities in store for us… Until a hurricane forced our evacuation. Again, read about it in the original posts here and here (for starters), as I’m not about to go into it in this entry.

Let’s talk about Labor Day Weekend 2009.

Sal and I will be visiting Cancún for our two-year anniversary. We’re staying at the Real Playa del Carmen Hotel & Beach Club, an all-inclusive resort where meals and drinks (including alcohol) are included in the very reasonable nightly cost of a suite. Also included for guests of the resort are free transportation to and from their private beach (assuming you don’t want to walk the ten minutes on your own) and free use of kayak and snorkeling gear at the beach.

Hot damn!

We’ll only be there about three full days — we arrive Friday around lunchtime and leave Monday about the same time. We’re assuming we’ll take one day out to go visit Chichén Itzá, one of the seven Wonders of the World and a major tourist attraction in Cancún. We’ll certainly exploit the free food (including room service!) and drinks (they even bring you drinks at the pool!) but I haven’t been to Cancún since I was a kid.

So, world travelers… Who’s been to Cancún as an adult? Who’s got a recommendation for good stuff to do? Comment below!


3 Responses to Cancún

  1. marc steier says:

    Go to chicken pizza!

  2. Cherry says:

    I went when I was 18 (not really a kid…not really an adult). I went bungee jumping, but I don’t really recommend that unless you do it off a bridge. Go see a bull fight! That was an experience I never forgot. You’ll have a good time at Chichen Itza. You baybays have fun!! Oh! And I hear they have a Pat O’Briens there!…gotta love that!

  3. dane says:

    chichen itza is cool. if you had more time, there’s a lot to explore on the yucatan. merida, mexico is one of my favorite cities on earth. valladolid is nice and has a really cool town square. the ruins at uxmal are more impressive than chichen itza. other than that, tulum is pretty and easily accessible from cancun for a day trip as well.

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