Exceptional Awards

The Metrolina Theatre Association (MTA) has added a list of Exceptional Awards for this year’s event.

A special shout-out to Anne Lambert, Kristian Wedolowski, Stuart Spencer, and of course Sal Garcia on their individual nominations!

The full list is below:

Exceptional Awards

William E. Rackley Award for Technical Excellence
Amy Akerblom Holroyd
Annamarie Gatto
Jay Thomas
Gina Stewart
Matt Steed
Peter Smeal
Rosalyn Arnold

Theatre Person of the Year
Anne Lambert
Charles LaBorde
Drina Keen
James Cartee
Kristian Wedolowski
Lee LaBorde
Michael Simmons
Mike Collins
Nathan and Marilyn Frenkel

Emerging Artist of the Year
Alexandria Hensley
Amanda Berkowitz
Colby Davis
Michael Sharpe
Paige Johnston Thomas
Salvador Garcia
Stuart Spencer
Tiffaney Moore Borgelin
Trista Rothe

Theatre Company of the Year
Carolina Actors Studio Theatre
Children’s Theatre of Charlotte
Davidson Community Players
Queen City Theatre Company
Theatre Charlotte


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  1. […] times recently, when the 2008-2009 nominations were announced, and again the following day when the Exceptional Award nominations were announced. Today I want to share some congratulations of a different sort, […]

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