MTA Nominators

I’ve mentioned the Metrolina Theatre Association (MTA) Awards a couple of times recently, when the 2008-2009 nominations were announced, and again the following day when the Exceptional Award nominations were announced. Today I want to share some congratulations of a different sort, however.

Congratulations to the new Nominators for the 2009-2010 season! I’m delighted to see that several wonderful people are official nominators, judges, voters, or whatever you want to call ’em. In particular, congratulations are owed to Daniel Knaub, Anne Lambert, Melanie Skinner, Adam Spenner, and Kristian Wedolowski for their roles in the new season.

Oh, and by the way… I’m a nominator too, in two categories. So to the petulant young actors who couldn’t gracefully accept honest criticism from my reviews last season, and who demanded to see my credentials as a theatre reviewer, I hope this will suffice.

The one downside to being a nominator in these two categories — Drama and Special Events — is that I agree to maintain confidentiality about the productions and my opinions of them (so as to not give away my leanings in the voting process) This means no theatre reviews on for shows that I see as a nominator. But you know what it doesn’t include? EVERY OTHER CATEGORY.

So to those who enjoy my blunt and brutal critiques of local theatre in the Queen City, don’t worry — you’ll still see plenty of honesty and directness coming your way for shows in the Comedy, Musical, Regional, and other categories. The great thing about being a nominator in Drama and Special Events is that I’ll probably end up seeing shows I might not otherwise have heard of or attended, while being free to attend and review the shows I tend to hear about on my own.

And you thought I saw a lot of theatre BEFORE being a nominator in the Metrolina Theatre Association… Brace yourself!

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