Presidential Bitchslap

Remember me wondering yesterday whether the Kanye West and Taylor Swift incident at the VMAs would reign supreme on the news cycle, or whether Patrick Swayze dying of pancreatic cancer would win? It seems the President of the United States has an opinion on the matter.

He thinks Kanye West is a “jackass” apparently. And he was kind enough to say so on tape, even if it was officially “off the record.”

It’s now been widely reported that President Obama referred to Kanye as a jackass while in an off-the-record portion of an interview with ABC News reporter Terry Moran. The reporter immediately tweeted about the comment, saying, “Pres. Obama just called Kanye West a “jackass” for his outburst at VMAs when Taylor Swift won. Now THAT’S presidential.” and posting the audio on Twitter.

It was removed shortly thereafter, but not before it spread like wildfire. Here’s the audio, posted to YouTube:

And now, courtesy of TMZ, we have a transcript of the brief exchange:

Q: Were your girls as hacked off as mine were that Kanye gave Taylor Swift the Joe Wilson treatment?

Obama: I thought that was really inappropriate. You know it was like she’s getting an award — why are you butting in? I, I hear you — I agree with you.

Q: So does that count as the first question?

Obama: The young lady seems like a perfectly nice person. She’s getting her award. What’s he doing up there? He’s a jackass. (Laughter) No, now — this — all this stuff — I’m assuming all this stuff. Where’s the pool? Come on guys. Cut the president some slack. I got a lot of other stuff on my plate. Yeah. Cause I remember last time it was the fly thing. Now that was the highlight of (trails off)

Q: No that worked out well for you. You were a ninja.

Obama: Except PETA… (laughter)

He’s got a point — Kanye West is a jackass. Still, not a peep about Patrick Swayze, Mr. President? Fair is fair!


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