Mission: Accomplished

It took about seven hours, but I broke in my new copy of Halo 3: ODST over the weekend and knocked out the campaign. Unfortunately, I had to do it twice.

I’ll explain.

There’s a widely-reported quirk in the campaign disc, where on many people’s Xbox 360 consoles, the game will freeze up. The common characteristic? You get the “Disc Unreadable” error message, encouraging you to clean the disc and try again. This happens even if, like me, the disc went straight from the package, into the console, and then subsequently crapped out without ever having left the console to get scratched, dirty, etc.

So how ’bout I play nonstop through the campaign, beat the final mission, and am watching the “cut scene” of movie-like action and dialogue… and literally seconds before I would’ve gotten credit for beating the game, I get the “Disc Unreadable” error. There was no more action required on my part; had the sequence finished, I would’ve had the “completed the campaign” indicator on my character online. (And yes, having just reread that sentence, I realize just how geeky that sounds.) But instead, I had to start over.

Granted, I only had to play the final mission again, but as you might imagine, I had to step away from the machine for awhile. It’s not wise to mess with a hyped up gamer who just killed things for seven hours, and then was denied his final accolades at the end.

I came back awhile later, replayed the mission, beat the game, and went away satisfied. I even got a medal:


And then took the game out, and played another game for awhile. The campaign in ODST is fun, but the real value in the Halo games is playing multiplayer with your friends — so I probably won’t be playing much when I don’t have the opportunity to revel in the glory of “Firefight” mode.

Now what am I going to blog about? Some celebrity needs to either die or do something stupid, or there needs to be another unnecessarily vehement political debate for me to comment on… STAT!

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