24 hours

You’ve heard of a 24-hour virus, right? The kind that swoops in, irritates and incapacitates you for a day, and then disappears? Well, my friends in Florida are going to get hit with one beginning Friday, October 9th at around 4pm.

That’s when the dreaded Kevin virus is going to start annoying all of them.

I’ll be in town for a conference, and get done in Orlando sometime between 3:00-4:00. Rather than fly directly home, I figured I’d take advantage of being SO CLOSE to Brevard County and squeeze an extra day out. (Plus the flight was cheaper if I flew home Saturday, and I won’t be staying in a hotel Friday… Always looking out for the shareholder!)

I don’t have to be back at the Orlando airport until Saturday at around 6pm, so that should leave about 24 hours to hang out before I have to get back on the road. I figure we’ll get some dinner and drinks at a restaurant where one of our friends is serving or tending bar (probably Outback to visit Jenn and/or Pizza Gallery to visit Scott-o) and then do some good ol’ fashioned sitting around at people’s houses.

I’ll want to visit Papa Friel, Mama Friel, and Baby Friel (I’m pretty sure Sophia must be driving now, despite what Christina and Kyle insisting that she’s less than a year-old and can’t reach the pedals), and I’ll want to see Steph while she’s good ‘n knocked up. Side-note: you know you’re an adult when your visits back home revolve around restaurants and babies.

I’ve got to check out Thijson’s new place, especially since I’ll be staying there overnight. And of course, there will probably be a fair amount of Blowing Shit Up, as the kids would say. (That’s playing video games, for the record, not actually being vandals… we’re too old for that!)

Other than that, it’s all about squeezing lots of quality time with friends into a very narrow window of opportunity. I’m not going to name every damned one of you in here, but you get the idea. And if I don’t see you this time around, there’s always Christmas Eve Eve.

There’s precisely NO timeline or agenda. Hell, I just worked out my transportation to/from the airport this afternoon. However, it occurs to me that this might be something cool to see with My Peeps while in town:

Who’s with me?

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