Veterinary woes

A couple of days ago, I noticed Puck licking a spot on his tail. It didn’t seem like anything more than a spot he was trying to clean — until the next day, when there was a tiny bald red spot. He’d licked the hair clean away, and the irritating spot had grown.

Hoping to avoid spending hundreds of dollars at the vet’s office if it was just a simple irritation that he was making worse, we bandaged it up so he couldn’t chew on it, and decided to wait and see. Two days later, I took the bandage off and discovered this:


Now, I’m all about not blowing money on hypochondriacal visits to the vet… but damn, that’s just nasty. So we took Puck up to the vet’s office this morning right when they opened, and had him looked at.

Sure enough, this is infected and needed treatment. He was given an antibiotic and a steroid to help kill the infection and heal the “hot spot” (as they call it) and a painkiller to soothe him a bit.

And in a routine examination, the vet also discovered a growing infection in both of his ears — which explains why he’s been so sensitive about having his ears touched lately (and even snapped at a groomer two weeks ago) So now we have ear drops we have to give him to help clear that up.

Oh, and he was due for two booster vaccinations and another six-month supply of his flea/heartworm/parasite preventative.

As you might imagine, this was a very expensive hour at the veterinary hospital.

The highlight of the whole adventure, though, was that now he has to wear one of those Elizabethan collars that dogs wear when they get spayed/neutered, so he won’t be able to lick the infected spot and continue to make it worse.

It’s heartbreaking that he’s got this crazy spot on his tail, and painful for us to shell out almost four hundred dollars in an hour (about half of which was directly related to this tail issue), but it’s downright hilarious watching him walk into walls and stare dejectedly at the floor. It’s like he’s humiliated by the injustice we’ve done him.

Yep, he’s definitely not a happy camper in his collar. Check it out:


Hopefully he’ll be better in a couple of days, his tail and ears will be in good shape, and this collar can come off… But I think we’ll hang on to the collar anyway, just for future comedic opportunities.

2 Responses to Veterinary woes

  1. Jim says:

    I trimmed about 1/3 of the one for one of my dogs down so she could see around it to avoid running into things and potentially do more harm but still having it long enough to keep her from going after her “hot spot.” I’m sure you will have many more comedic opportunities to use this… even at say an evening with friends coming in and taking turns putting on everyone including Puck.

  2. Melissa Kairuz says:

    Now aren’t you glad you talked to me?!

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