Tufts University

The latest in a ever-growing list of “They made a rule about WHAT?!” comes from Tufts University, in its 2009/2010 student handbook. Apparently, at the Massachusetts school it’s now against the rules to have sex in your dorm room if your roommate is present, among other things. Students are also not allowed to “sexile” their roommate, which means you cannot kick your roommate out of the room temporarily so you can get your phreak on.

According to University spokesperson Kim Thurler, the new policy “is really about consideration and respect for others and the need for students to be mindful of their roommates’ need for privacy, study and sleep.” And this new policy was created in response to about a dozen complaints by actual students who were frustrated by their roommates’ overactive libidos.

Look, I’m all for making college about LEARNING, and about preparing yourself for a bright future by getting a solid education. But seriously, how on Earth do they expect to enforce such a rule? I’m trying to envision the conversation that school officials would have with a student, in which they help the complaining party explain why it’s inappropriate to bang somebody when your roommate is trying to study Calculus.

More importantly, I’m trying to envision what life in that room would be like going forward, after one student has ratted the other out for getting laid too loudly or frequently.

Good concept… respect your roommates and fellow students, focus on your education, etc. But as a “rule” to be enforced, it’s just plain silly. And it’s unfortunate that people make it all the way through Kindergarten — much less twelve years of school afterwards — without learning how to treat one another civilly.

For the record, though, I wonder if the rule forbids having sex when your roommate is present and doesn’t mind? Just a thought.

One Response to Tufts University

  1. dane says:

    my roommate had sex 6′ from me the first night we were in the dorms. by november, we’d cut out the middle man.

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