Altitude Adjustments

This morning I did something so unusual, so out of character, so mind boggling, that many people who knew me suspected I’d lost my mind or been kidnapped.

I went hiking. Up a mountain.

Crowder’s Mountain State Park is about 45 minutes west of Uptown Charlotte, and I voluntarily went there today. Our friend John had suggested to Sal last night that we go hiking in the morning, and he immediately agreed to go but automatically declined on my behalf. As he put it, I “never do anything” and he was certain I couldn’t be talked into an activity involving exercise outside in natural surroundings.

Wrong! There’s nothing like being indirectly double-dog dared to get me riled up and determined to do something, no matter how little fun it may sound like to me on the surface. I immediately and indignantly demanded to go also, partially (mostly) out of spite and to defy expectations. (And then I defied expectations again when I failed to back out first thing this morning!)

Yes, John came and picked up us up, along with our upstairs neighbor Ashley, and we trekked on over in the early morning cold to the park. Before long, we had parked and were climbing up the mountain, chit-chatting and having a wonderful time together.

Kevin and Sal

Kevin and Sal

Ashley and Sal

Ashley and Sal

Ashley and John

Ashley and John

Lest I lead some people to suspect I’ve lost my mind entirely, I’ll fess up — bits of it were exhausting, I had to ask the others to stop for a three or four minutes (on two separate occasions) so I could get my horrified legs to stop trembling.

Me begging Sal not to make me walk any farther

Me begging Sal not to make me walk any farther

But I have to admit — it was fun, and I’m glad I did it.

You hear that? I did something outdoorsy and strenuous, and I thought it was fun. And there wasn’t even any alcohol included to soothe the indignity of it all.

Next adventure: the US National Whitewater Center for more hiking, along with some kayaking, whitewater rafting, and zip-lines!


4 Responses to Altitude Adjustments

  1. Austin says:

    “US National Whitewater Center” is the most institutional name for a fun place I’ve ever heard. It’s like saying “Walt Disney World Resort and Rehabilitation Clinic.”

  2. Will says:

    Looks so beautiful. Way to go Kev! Let me know when you are ready for Half Dome in Yosemite!

  3. Melanie says:

    So WHEN is the date for the Whitewater Center! I want to come along too! It’s totes fun!

  4. Deidre says:

    This cracked me up! (your story not the fact that you went hiking) I’m so proud of you Kevin!! Let me know when you guys go to the whitewater center, i have been wanting to go up there! MISS YOU!!

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