What Would You Do?

One of the featured speakers at the 2009 Out & Equal Workplace Equality Summit was ABC Primetime’s John Quiñones. He gave a fascinating account of his own rise to success as a journalist, and then shared a clip from his television show What Would You Do? on ABC. The show stages some kind of challenging or controversial scenario in a public place, and documents how people respond.

In this particular segment, they’ve hired two pairs of actors to behave affectionately in a public sports bar — a straight couple, and a gay couple. They’ve also hired an actor to play the “agitator” in the segment. He complains about the gay couple’s behavior, in approaches from muttering under his breath to actively berating the gay men in front of everyone. The variety of responses from the unsuspecting patrons in the bar was really interesting to me.

Click below to watch the segment:
Would You Help This Gay Couple?

I was surprised by the responses from some of the people, both positive and negative. It got me curious — have any of you experienced something like this?

I know I’ve got straight readers and gay readers, from progressive big cities and conservative small towns… If you’ve got a story to tell, post it below in the “Leave a Reply” section.

UPDATE: Here’s a YouTube clip you can watch:

2 Responses to What Would You Do?

  1. Leslie G. says:

    I LOVE that show! Its fascinating!

  2. Will says:

    I have to admit when I leave the SF I tone down the pda. It is very refreshing to see that I may not always have to. =)

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