Inauspicious Beginnings

This visit to the 2009 Reaching Out MBA conference in Atlanta is not off to a terrific start for me.

I barely made it to the airport in time, as I stopped by the house to pick up Sal (so he could drive me to the airport and keep the car for the weekend) and ended up sticking around to frantically send some emails to my boss and teammates before heading to the airport in a hurried panic.

Fortunately, Charlotte traffic in the rain wasn’t too godawful, so I hurried through the airport, dropped off my luggage (always check a bag at events like these so you can bring all the free giveaways home with you!) and made it to my gate… Where we boarded twenty minutes late.

And then we sat on the tarmac for, at present, three hours.

Yes, I could’ve driven to Atlanta by now, damn it. And the welcome reception at ROMBA, which I was supposed to attend and at which I should be representing my employer, began thirty minutes ago.

So here I sit, working on my laptop these past few hours and now writing this blog on my iPhone, killing time and waiting to take off for Atlanta.

On the plus side, I was upgraded to First Class, so at least there’s food and drink available!

Here’s hoping the rest of the evening is more productive.

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