Elderly ennui

The first full day of the conference has come and gone… The career fair was a huge success and busy as hell, but it’s over and done with… And tonight, the gays at Reaching Out 2009 are headed out to the Atlanta gay bar scene with a vengeance.

Except for me.

People seem determined to go to Blake’s, one of the more popular gay bars here in Atlanta. I’ve been once before, and found it way too crowded and cramped for my tastes. I’m much more a fan of loungy places where I can talk to people, make new friends, etc.

So instead, my friend John and I chilled at the hotel lounge for an hour, sipping a drink apiece and confirming to every incredulous gay man passing by that we were not, in fact, going out. It started to become entertaining.

What can I say… It’s been a long and tiring day, and between the free cocktail reception (thanks, Humana!) and wine at dinner, there were a lot of sleepiness-inducing drinks to be enjoyed. It’s time for bed.

Besides, a good night’s sleep increases the likelihood that I’ll be feeling sociable tomorrow!

2 Responses to Elderly ennui

  1. William Lepsch says:

    we are not 25 anymore are we! 🙂

  2. […] a surprise to anyone who knows me socially — I’ve written in the past about my “elderly ennui” and how it sets me apart from most gay men I know, and my profound love for hotel bars […]

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