Where the Wild Things Are

I promised a review of the new film Where the Wild Things Are, but I’ve been woefully negligent. My apologies.

The movie is apparently based on a children’s book, though I had never heard of it. That can either be a good thing or a bad thing, depending on your point of view: on the one hand, I didn’t have the accompanying nostalgia of fond childhood memories. I also didn’t have the potential for letdown, if I found that the adult version was a letdown compared to those very memories. I’ve heard most people either loved the movie, or hated it, and I suspect it’s because they fell into one of these camps.

I, on the other hand, watched the movie without preconceived notions or expectations.

So what did I think? It was cute, and clever, and fun. Take a good children’s story, add in a little bit of low-budget special events and a whole lot of whimsy, mix a good child actor with recognizable voices from adult stars, and then you have: Where the Wild Things Are.

I enjoyed it, and I recommend it — particularly if you’re looking for a pleasant way to pass a bit of time, you’re not afraid to walk out with a bit of a melancholy mood, and you’re free of expectations.

Given the option, though, I recommend you enjoy it on a comfortable couch, watching the DVD in a darkened living room, cuddled up to someone special. It’s a perfect “date night at home” movie.

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