Interracial justice

Remember a few weeks ago, when I posted about Louisiana Justice of the Peace Keith Bardwell and his refusal to sign a marriage license for an interracial couple? This is the douchebag that insisted his refusal didn’t stem from racism, but rather that he was concerned for the children of an interracial marriage. In his opinion, it’s perfectly appropriate for black couples to get married (he has even married some black couples in his home) but a marriage that could produce mixed-race children isn’t going to happen on his watch.

Turns out the bastard has resigned, but he still won’t shut his ignorant racist mouth.

Yes, he went into the office of the Louisiana Secretary of State and tendered his resignation, but not out of remorse for his ignorant words or a belief that he’d caused enough hurt and that his resignation might help bring closure. No, he resigned because he figured he was good ‘n screwed anyway, and he did so in a great big huff.

Referring to a discrimination lawsuit brought against him by the couple, Bardwell told a WBRZ that he was advised, “that I needed to step down because they was going to take me to court, and I was going to lose.” (We won’t get into my personal pet peeve of people saying “they was” instead of “they were” here.)

He wasn’t about to stop there, though. “I would probably do the same thing again,” he said. “I found out I can’t be a justice of the peace and have a conscience.”

And yes, this is the same man who last month said, “It’s kind of hard to apologize for something that you really and truly feel down in your heart you haven’t done wrong.”

Good riddance, asshole. I hope this lawsuit bankrupts you.

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