Massage Inhibitions

Last weekend Sal and I took a different approach to our usual massage routine at Massage Envy: we got a “couples massage” with the two of us in the same room.

At first I was a little uncomfortable with the idea… I sort of felt like we were being too “in your face” with it, making too much of a public statement. What if one or both of the two massage therapists were uncomfortable with two gay men being so open about being a “couple” in a couples massage?

But then I thought: Fuck that! Would
I tell a straight interracial couple that they shouldn’t do “couple” activities in public, because someone might not approve? Hell no, I’d fight tooth and nail and nearly DEMAND that they stand up for themselves and be a couple like any other.

So why should I expect better for some other couple that might be frowned upon by close-minded people?

In the end, we went ahead and had the couples massage. The therapists were both friendly and charming, and it was a lovely time. Everyone was comfortable, and it was no big deal.

That, really, was the point. If I don’t treat it like no big deal, how on Earth can I expect other people to?

3 Responses to Massage Inhibitions

  1. Joe says:

    First, I’m bitter and jealous.

    Second, I still think it’s a good idea to at least consider ramifications and outcomes. As I’ve gotten older, the phrase “Pick your battles” rings more and more true. When I was 25? Everything was a battle, a reason to protest, a reason to march, a reason to be loud. At my present age, I will still engage heatedly when needed, but have found that I let the smaller things slide with a knowing smile on my face.

  2. erin says:

    I say as long as you weren’t being outright douches about it or blowin each other then who the hell cares?? I don’t give a shit what one’s sexual preference is or who they’re dating but I really can’t stand outright obnoxious displays of PDA. It, in itself, makes me want to puke.

    But hey- that’s just me!

    On a funny note that you might find amusing- Walker went to a metal show last weekend in the city. There was this VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY openly OBNOXIOUS gay African American couple on the train that were making out, tongue kissing, and groping on the train.. talking about how they met in prison and about how they’ll kill any MOFO that stares at them… BLATANTLY about to have sex right there on the train. Now that’s just in your face stupid. But that’s just NYC, I guess?

    I told Walker he should have grabbed is friend Brandon and planted a big fat kiss on his mouth and winked at the couple causing the issue.

  3. Austin says:

    I think I’d be more uncomfortable figuring out how to act in a couples massage of any kind. I like my massages the American way: alone, quiet and happy at the end.

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