South Pacific

I’ll make this brief… I did not enjoy the first act of South Pacific. I so greatly failed to enjoy it that I left at intermission, which was nearly two hours after the start of the show. The performers individually were mostly good, with acting and singing that was for the most part adequate and in some cases very good. The choreography was definitely not for me.

So why did I dislike it so much? Honestly, I just plain didn’t care what was happening.

Maybe it was because the first act was so looooong. I’d been warned that it had the potential to drag a little, and specifically that I should make sure to use the restroom before the lights dimmed. My bladder was fine, but I was fidgety and desperate to get up about 2/3 of the way through the act. In fact, each time they kicked into yet another reprise, I wanted to get up and shout, “Get on with it!” I just wanted to get up.

So after joking and complaining about the first act during intermission, when the lights started flashing for people to go back in for Act Two and both my date and I groaned, we realized we weren’t really under any obligation to stay. I even suggested we could just walk the mile home, but she pointed out that it was raining, she was in heels, and her husband could drive to pick us up. So we left.

I was in bed before the show let out.

Maybe I was just tired, or cranky after a long day of work. Maybe I should’ve stuck with one martini at the Out on the Town pre-show reception at Therapy Cafe. (Side-note: why the hell don’t more Charlotte people come to these things that the Blumenthal Performing Arts Center sponsors? FREE FOOD AND DRINKS before the shows, people!) Maybe a matinee would’ve been better, as I wouldn’t have been so anxiously staring at my watch and doing mental arithmetic to determine when I could be home.

Or maybe I’m just getting unnecessarily bitchy about theatre.

2 Responses to South Pacific

  1. Austin says:

    Yeah, or maybe South Pacific is just a terrible show…

  2. Leslie G. says:

    Act One was waaaaay too long, and I too kept thinking “come on!” everytime ANOTHER reprise happened. Act Two did make it stronger though…i enjoyed the performers for the most part (though i feel like most of the females were holding back), but the script just isn’t one of my favorites.

    And after singing Cockeyed Optimist for 9 years for auditions without every having seen the show and then seeing it that lackluster…I was dissappointed. I’m still glad I went though.

    And some of us don’t come out to the Out on the Town things because Thursdays nights are really bad nights for us! And when you see the show the night b4 it feels reeeeaaaallly awkward to go to one! Free food/drinks or not!

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