Birthday apologies

Today was my birthday, and I have some apologies to issue because of it.

First, I apologize for shutting off the birthday reminders on Facebook and MySpace – frankly, I just didn’t want dozens of “Happy birthday!” messages from people that I met once and hardly ever speak to, or from people that I knew fifteen years ago and haven’t shared a conversation with since. I just wasn’t in the mood for social niceties from a ton of near-strangers.

Second, I’m sorry to those that were looking forward to seeing me at Trivia Tuesday tonight. After spending all day and most of the night working, and dealing with my own disappointments about the big day, I just didn’t have it in me. I knew I would have to come home after whatever activities I partook in tonight and get right back to work, and decided a dinner at my traditional birthday restaurant made more sense than trying to go out to a bar and getting home drunk and exhausted. Realizing the bar staff had playful embarrassment in store for me certainly didn’t motivate me to want to go, either.

And to those that did come out and spend some time with me tonight, thank you so much, and I’m sorry for not being as enthusiastic as I might normally have been. It was a tough day, and an even tougher night, and I almost certainly failed to show my true appreciation for your friendship. Randy, Jenn, Kim, Ashley, Andy, and Suzie, you’re all very sweet and it was terrific seeing you. Hanging at the house was great (even if I was working for most of it) and dinner at Alexander Michael’s was, of course, perfect.

I’m sorry I was so deflated today. There are just some people, including my boyfriend and some of my dearest friends of the past decade and a half, that I would’ve loved to have spent more time with today. I’ve gotten very spoiled the past two years, having had a big deal made of the event, and having had some really special people visit from out of town the past two years to celebrate my birthday. Today was a bit of a letdown by comparison.

Unfortunately I let my disappointment at some peoples’ absence overwhelm my joy at other people taking the time to visit, call, IM, or txt, and that’s really not fair to the many people who took time out of their day to try to improve mine. So thank you for the attention, and again, my apologies. I’m very fortunate to have wonderful friends in Charlotte and scattered about all over, and it was a pleasure hearing from several of them throughout the day.

Special props to the friend and colleague who I haven’t seen in FOREVER for sending me a birthday card in the mail, and to the friend who called me from over four thousand miles (and six time zones) away. They were both very unexpected and pleasant surprises.

Good night.

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