Baby Fever

We’ve been surrounded by adorable children these past couple of weeks. Visiting Sal’s family in Texas, he had a young niece and nephew that were such a joy to be around (when they didn’t have neighborhood kids to show off for) On the flight back, there was a delightful little baby boy that kept looking back at Sal and me and laughing when we made silly faces.

And this weekend, our friends Kyle and Christina brought their magnificent daughter Sophia up to visit, on their way to Kentucky for Thanksgiving.

Seriously, these kids are getting to me. Sophia in particular is so amazingly cute and sweet! She’s enraptured by ceiling fans, air vents, silly faces, and weird noises. Every time she laughs, I melt. I want to steal her.

Okay, so if she actually DOES go missing, I feel the need to state for the record that I was kidding, and in no way intend to actually steal her.

Puck, on the other hand, is not sure what to make of the baby — he keeps working up the courage to go sniff her, then growls a little bit and sulks off.

I keep telling Sal that we need to get one. A baby, that is. And no, not just because I want to keep trying to make one… Sal sat me down and explained why that wasn’t working.

I do, however, keep insisting that we continue to try.

3 Responses to Baby Fever

  1. Jim says:

    Before you take one on full time, consider borrowing Sophia or another friends child for two weeks. IF you survive that then go for it. That’s been more than enough to cure several friends who fell in love with OP children of trying to have their own.

  2. Erin says:

    Well I just let Walker know I might be pregnant soon and no it won’t be his. When are we making this happen and who’s semen will it be? How bout a mixed batch so it’s a surprise???

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