University of California at Santa Cruz

Earlier this week, students at the University of California’s Santa Cruz campus seized an administration building on campus, barricaded the doors, and refused to leave for three days. Kerr Hall became a symbol of the students’ opposition to a 32% increase in tuition, approved earlier this week by the regents board. Early Sunday morning, they finally relented and fled the building after police threatened them with arrest.

Call me a sell-out to “the establishment,” but I think these stupid bastards deserve to be expelled and arrested, one by one.

These university hooligans broke tables, moved furniture, and damaged several areas of the building in their attempts to barricade the doors and keep university officials out of the building. They also ripped out telephone conferencing equipment from tables in a conference room, and there’s trash littering the floors in the building.

Seriously, way to demonstrate that you’re thoughtful, reasonable, mature adults who deserve a quality education from an institution of higher learning.

Frankly I think this is a perfect example of the sense of entitlement that kids have these days. They are OWED something, by the school, by the government, by society. The school requires funds to maintain its operating budget, and if it doesn’t have the money it needs to keep the power on and the employees paid, then they have to take actions necessary to keep the doors open.

The university doesn’t OWE you an education at a cost that doesn’t allow it to support itself. If you can’t afford the tuition, go to another freakin’ school, asshole.

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